Guidance on our Latest Sightings

Our Latest Sightings is a general forum for anything that may be of interest to local enthusiasts or a wider audience.  It has a single thread and users may add text, pictures and links to websites.  Posts are moderated, publicly accessible and contributions are made only by Registered Users of this site.  To register see the Register page.  Once registered, you can logon at any time and click the 'Add Post' button on the forum page to make a post.  Posts are governed by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

To Add a Post: Click the 'Add Post' button at the top of the Latest Sightings page.  Note that you must be logged-on to add a post.

To Edit a Post: Click the 'edit' link and the end of the individual post.  Note that you must be logged-on and the owner of the post to edit it.

To Delete a Post: Open the post for editing (as above) and replace all of the text with "delete me" (without the quotes) then click the Save button.  To delete a post you must be the originator of the post or an administrator of this site.

Top Tip: Leave a blank line between paragraphs, sections and photos.  White space is typically ignored by your web browser and here a blank line is interpreted as a new paragraph.

To add photo to latest sightings: First upload your image to the main gallery following the upload protocol.  Then add a link in the Latest Sightings text, e.g. [[snap:0001 Micropterix tunbergella 01]] include all brackets.

Note: Posts may only contain plain text and markups, html tags are not allowed and are stripped.

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