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Thu 24th May 2018 13:58 by Vince Giavarini
Garden trap, Poole 23 May 2018
Warm night with rain threatening but stayed dry throughout. A satisfactory catch of 83 moths (22 macros/13micros + 1 unid.) Lovely to see Lime Hawk-moth but also Knotgrass, Light Brocade (2), Yellow-barred Brindle, Treble Brown Spot, Fryer's Pug (2), Turnip, Cabbage and Buff-tip. A hat trick of carpets: Common Marbled (3), Grey Pine and Garden. Highest turn out: H & D (13) against Treble-lines (10). Micros...all singles bar LBAM (7) and Tachystola (5) included Monopis obviella, Swam pyrella, Bryo terella, Cedestis subfasciella, Codling Moth, Red-barred Tortrix, Ephestia unicolorella, Syndemis muscularia and Cryptoblabes bistriga.
Thu 24th May 2018 13:21 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 23rd May
Small China-mark , Pebble Hook-tip , Figure of Eighty , Broken-barred Carpet , Mottled Pug , Common Pug , Oak-tree Pug , Poplar Hawk-moth , 2 Puss Moth , Cinnabar , Powdered Quaker , Common Wainscot , Knot Grass , Marbled Minor agg. ,Vines Rustic , 2 Silver Y. What appears to be a Golden-rod Pug will need confirmation.
Thu 24th May 2018 08:19 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 23 May
A cloudy night and cooler than last night.  46 species including FFG Plutella porrectella and FFY Small Magpie, Rivulet, Brown Silver-line, Common White Wave, Peppered Moth, Alder, Rustic Shoulder-knot and Vine's Rustic.
Wed 23rd May 2018 22:25 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 22 May
Sixteen species, including: Sharp-angled Peacock, V-pug, Chinese Character, Broken-barred Carpet, Poplar Hawk-moth, Notocelia cynosbatella, Evergestis forficalis (min 10.2 degC)

21 May: fourteen species, including: Pale Tussock, Bright-line Brown-eye, Least Black Arches Ffy: Buff Ermine, Common Wave, Shears, Bactra lac/lan agg (min 10.6 degC)

Wed 23rd May 2018 17:27 by Robin Heawood
Longfleet School, 22nd May.
FFY, Peppered, Shark & Knotgrass. Also Light brocade, Poplar hawk, Heart & dart (3), Pale tussock & Shuttle shaped dart. Micros, notoceliia cynobatella, mompha subbistrigella(4), epinotia immundata, tachystola acroxanthes & eudonia Spp.
Wed 23rd May 2018 13:48 by Vince Giavarini
Garden trap...Poole, 22May 2018
Some nice records coming in from the country...meanwhere here in the smoke 48 moths overnight. Among which Figure of 80, Rustic Shoulder-knot, Lychnis and Peppered Moth the best. High scorers include Treble Lines (8), H & D (5), SSD (4) and LBAM (7). Many common moths appearing only as singles e.g. Willow Beauty, Flame Shoulder. Among the micros a Bee Moth, Epiblema cynosbatella, Rhyacionia pinivorana and two pomonella. Looking back through the last decade of catches over this same period, I appear to have lost the pine specialists which I put down to a neighbour having surgically removed his huge specimen of Pinus radiata, and with it, its entire ecosystem.
Wed 23rd May 2018 10:52 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland 22nd May
Species count and numbers certainly picking up now and among the varied and plentiful overnight visitors were: the first Silver Y of this year, plus Small Phoenix, Lychnis, Treble Lines, Pale Mottled Willow, Pale Tussock, Waved Umber, Poplar Hawk-moth and the Blackthorn-eating tongue-twister Pseudoswammerdamia combinella.
Wed 23rd May 2018 09:29 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 22 May
A warm day and night. 44 species including FFG S. musculana and FFY C. lacunana , Ringed China-mark, Flame Carpet, Seraphim, Scalloped Hazel, Elephant Hawkmoth, Buff Ermine, Cinnabar, Flame, Light Brocade, Clouded-bordered Brindle, Marbled Minor and Burnished Brass.  Also 1 Silver Y.
Wed 23rd May 2018 08:34 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 23.5.18 125W MV
37 individuals of 21 species. Highlights included FFG Dichrorampha acuminatana and Pale-shouldered Brocade, as well as FFY Pebble Hook-tip, Broken-barred Carpet, Chocolate-tip & Treble Lines.
Tue 22nd May 2018 20:46 by David Foot
Tonerspuddle Heath 19th-20th May. Dave Foot
On Saturday 19th I was checking some birch stumps for potential Large red-belted clearwing larvae later in the year a female appeared and started to lay eggs between the bark and hard wood, after a while it was joined by a second. Phil Sterling, Marcus Lawson, his son and myself returned on Sunday afternoon and after a short wait a female arrived and started to lay, eventually joined by another, possibly two females all laying. We watched them for about 2 hours and in that time there weren't many periods when no moths were present. An unforgettable sight. Below is a link to some video I took, enjoy.

Tue 22nd May 2018 17:26 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 21st May
Red Twin-spot Carpet , Eyed Hawk-moth , Poplar Hawk-moth , Buff-tip , Iron Prominent , Pale Tussock , Buff Ermine , Muslin , Cinnabar , Flame Shoulder , Large Yellow Underwing , Setaceous Hebrew Character , White-point , Angle Shades , Pale Mottled Willow , 3 Silver Y.
Tue 22nd May 2018 17:04 by Vince Giavarini
Badbury Rings
Quick circuit of Badbury Rings around midday...not the best of times to go a-hunting! Lots of Green Carpet lurking in the hedgerows.  Burnet Companion dancing around buttercups and some fine Grizzled Skipper where turf grazed short by rabbits. Silver Y put up from longer grass. Twayblades at their finest now; butterfly orchids still in bud. Note to self: more detailed moth tour fortnight from today.
Tue 22nd May 2018 08:42 by Geoffrey Sell
21st May. An Alder, a Broken-barred Carpet, and a Cream-spot Tiger.
Mon 21st May 2018 11:15 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 20 May
Nine species, including: Great & Swallow Prominents, White Ermine Ffy: Coronet, Clouded Border, Peppered Moth, Silver-ground Carpet (min 7.6 degC)
Sun 20th May 2018 21:02 by Robin Heawood
Robin Heawood.
Broadstone garden. York Close. Ffy. Poplar hawkmoth, 3 Treble lines, Garden carpet, Alder moth, Light brocade, 3 Heart & dart, Red green carpet. Also C. marbled carpet, Maidens blush, Pale tussock, 3 Brimstone, Powdered quaker, 2 Flame, Narrow w pug, Yellow barred bridle, Shuttle shaped dart & Red green carpet. plus 5 micros including Tachystola and Eudonia App.

Also 2 Yellow shell & 6 Spot Burnet at Ballard down.

Sun 20th May 2018 11:06 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 19th May
2 Buff-tip , 2 Pebble Prominent , Swallow Prominent , Chocolate-tip , White Ermine , 5 Muslin , Shuttle-shaped Dart , Common Quaker , Hebrew Character , Mullein , Nut-tree Tussock , Gold Spot.
Sat 19th May 2018 12:29 by Martin Wood
Wimborne 18th May
Ran my MV50 W for the Garden Moth Scheme last night, 1-Treble Lines, 1-Muslin Moth, 1-Garden Carpet, LBAM and a micro Eudoina aangustea I think. Min temp 6.4c Eudonia angustea Copyright: Martin Wood
Fri 18th May 2018 12:26 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 17 May
Nine species, including: Green Carpet, Flame Shoulder, P.combinella, E.postvittana, ffy: Lychnis, Poplar Grey, White Ermine (min 5.6 degC)
Fri 18th May 2018 11:27 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 17th May
Oak-tree Pug , Eyed Hawk-moth , Buff-tip , Pebble Prominent , White Ermine , Powdered Quaker.  Pale Pinion , Knot Grass , Vines Rustic , Nut-tree Tussock.
Fri 18th May 2018 10:13 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 17th May
A total of 10 species including 2 Poplar Hawkmoth, 1 Flame Carpet, 1 Common Pug
Thu 17th May 2018 22:24 by Martin Wood
Wimborne 16th May
New for the Garden and for me, the only moths of note were 2 Muslin Moths, min temp 6.6 deg c Muslin Moth Copyright: Martin Wood
Thu 17th May 2018 10:27 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 16 May
Pale Tussock, just one species, again, not sure why.  Hope it's not a trend that continues (6.5 degC)

15 May: Mocha the only moth (min 12.2 degC)

Thu 17th May 2018 08:26 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 16th May
A poor night with 7 species including 1 Chinese Character, 1 Chocolate-tip, 2 Green Carpet.
Thu 17th May 2018 07:51 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 16 May
A chilly , strong wind.  Only 7 species.
Wed 16th May 2018 17:54 by Martin Raper
Beaminster 15th May
A decent night of 17 species. FFY were Bright Line Brown Eye, Waved Umber, Ruby Tiger, Iron Prominent, Garden Carpet and a Marbled Brown. Also graced by two Lime Hawkmoths of the normal colour.

Marbled Brown

Wed 16th May 2018 15:18 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 15th May
13 species including 6 Green Carpet, 1 Swallow Prominent, 1 Buff-tip, 1 Chocolate-tip, 1 Yellow-barred Brindle, 1 Scalloped Hazel, 1 White Ermine.
Wed 16th May 2018 14:18 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland 15th May
A nice warm night, and among the visitors to the traps were: Waved Umber, Scalloped Hazel, Oak-tree Pug, and Lychnis, plus White Ermine, Green Carpet, Spectacle and Bee Moth.

1936 Waved Umber 03 Copyright: Will Bown

Wed 16th May 2018 10:49 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 15th May
Common Marbled Carpet , Common Pug , Oak-tree Pug , Eyed Hawk-moth , Buff Ermine , Muslin , Least Black Arches , Heart and Dart , Shuttle-shaped Dart , Flame Shoulder , Bright-line Brown-eye , Knot Grass , Rustic Shoulder-knot , 2 Silver Y.
Wed 16th May 2018 08:18 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 15 May
An amazing 23 species!  FFY Small Square-spot and Lychnis.  Also a very nice Lime Hawkmoth.
Tue 15th May 2018 20:26 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 14th May
6 species including 1 Buff-tip, 1 Scorched Carpet, 1 Iron Prominent.
Mon 14th May 2018 00:14 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 12 May
Just three species: Pebble Prominent, Muslin Moth, ffy Setaceous Hebrew Character (min 5.3degC)
Sun 13th May 2018 17:05 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 12th May
Red Twin-spot Carpet , Garden Carpet , Currant Pug , Poplar Hawk-moth , Pebble Prominent , Shuttle-shaped Dart , Muslin.
Sun 13th May 2018 10:13 by Martin Wood
Wimborne 12th May
A very poor night with a min temp of 5.4c and the only moth of note was a Brimstone
Sat 12th May 2018 22:51 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 11 May
Twelve species, including: Iron Prominent, Pebble Prominent, Syndemis musculana, FFY: Esperia sulphurella, Ruby Tiger, Scalloped Hazel, Green Carpet (min 11.11 degC)
Sat 12th May 2018 21:35 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland 11th May
Rain then clear sky during the night produced eleven species including: Ruby Tiger, Lime Hawkmoth, Brimstone, Green Carpet, Waved Umber and Iron Prominent.

2000 Iron Prominent 03 Copyright: Will Bown

Sat 12th May 2018 16:02 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 11th May
Buff-tip , 4 Pebble Prominent , Heart and Dart , Mullein , Angle Shades , Vines Rustic.
Fri 11th May 2018 12:22 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 10th May
Just 7 species including 1 Garden Carpet, 3 Red Twin-spot Carpet, 1 Spectacle.
Fri 11th May 2018 12:13 by Martin Raper
Beaminster 10th May
Not very good 5 pecies includes FFY Coxcomb Prominent and Pale Pinion 4.5c
Fri 11th May 2018 11:26 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 10 May
Four species, just five individuals, including FFY Syndemis musculana, Least Black Arches & Poplar Hawk-moth (min 7.3 degC)
Thu 10th May 2018 14:46 by Mike Hetherington
Lodmoor 10.5.18
Several Brown-tail larval webs on a Bramble bush at Beechdown Way, Lodmoor.
Thu 10th May 2018 09:48 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 9th May
Another poor night with 5 species including 1 Mullein and 3 Red Twin-spot.
Wed 9th May 2018 21:10 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 8th May
very poor night with only 4 species including 1 Green Carpet and 1 White Ermine.
Wed 9th May 2018 12:00 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 8 May
Six species / twelve individuals, including Pebble, and Great Prominents, Early Grey, FFY Knot-grass (6.5 degC)
Wed 9th May 2018 06:14 by Julian Francis
Tol[puddle 8 May
A chilly night.  Only 9 species including a FFY Chocolate-tip.
Tue 8th May 2018 22:14 by Richard Caldow
Corfe Castle 6th May
Eleven species including: Brimstone (2), Pebble prominent (1), Flame shoulder (1), Small pheonix (1), Nut tree tussock (1), Great prominent (1) and Waved Umber (1). Found a recently emerged Flame shoulder inflating its wings earlier in the day.
Tue 8th May 2018 21:50 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 7 May
Fifteen species, including: Lunar Marbled Brown, Pale Prominent, Brindled Beauty, Flame Shoulder.  FFY: Coxcomb Prominent, Pale Tussock, Scorched Carpet, Bright-line Brown-eye (min 9.5degC)
Tue 8th May 2018 18:56 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 7th May
15 species including 1 Green Carpet, 1 Brindled Beauty, 1 Eudonia angustea, 1 Broken-barred Carpet, 1 Swallow Prominent, 1 Epinotia immundana.
Tue 8th May 2018 18:09 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 7th May
Figure of Eighty , Brindled Pug , Dotted Border , Waved Umber , Eyed Hawk-moth , Puss Moth , Pebble Prominent , Pale Prominent , White Ermine , Muslin , Least Black Arches , Shuttle-shaped Dart , Flame Shoulder , Mullein , Knot Grass , Spectacle.  20 species.
Tue 8th May 2018 14:22 by Martin Raper
Beaminster 7th May
All good ones last night with very few H. chars. Best were Lime Hawk-moth Brown form (not seen before by me ?), Poplar Hawk-moth, Pebble Hook-tip, Chocolate Tip, Great Prominent FFG, Pebble Prominent, Swallow Prominent, Green Carpet FFY, 4x Muslin Moth FFY, 8x Brimstone, Angle Shades FFY, Spectacle, Purple Thorn, Poplar Kitten

Tue 8th May 2018 12:54 by Vince Giavarini
Garden trap...Poole, across the road from Poole Park
Finally get to sample those moths near the house and garden. Generally a good night for Least Black Arches (7) forming bright white specks like splashes of paint on the vertical sides of my timbered shed. Nut-tree Tussock (5), Brimstone (9), Yellow-barred Brindle, Knotgrass, DSP (4), SSD (5), Brindled and Common Pug also in the frame. Old friends Hebrew Character, Common Quaker and Angle Shades still snoozing but each found single accommodation to bed down for the night in the egg boxes. Not in the trap but on the fence was a very scrappy Buttoned Snout. All told 66 moths of 19 species...and good to see that the pristine specimen of Common Pug made me think a bit.
Tue 8th May 2018 07:32 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 7 May
A cloudless night but not as chilly as last night.  19 species.  FFY: Sharp-angled Peacock, Streamer, Orange Footman, Poplar Hawkmoth, Flame Shoulder and Spectacle.
Mon 7th May 2018 22:54 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 6 May
Twelve species, including: Alucita hexadactyla, Emmelina monodactyla, (4)Nut-tree Tussock, Muslin Moth, (3)Brimstone. FFY: Pebble, Great, & Swallow Prominents, Red Twin-spot Carpet, V-pug
Mon 7th May 2018 21:28 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland 6th May
A bit more variety and colour turning up now with Brimstone, Scorched Carpet, Spectacle, Pebble Prominent, White Ermine, Yellow-barred Brindle, and the annual May hordes of Cockchafers.
Mon 7th May 2018 20:22 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 6th May
A total of 16 species including 5 Red Twin-spot Carpet, 3 Waved Umber, 2 Scorched Carpet, 1 Brindled Beauty, 1 Flame Shoulder, 1 White Ermine.
Mon 7th May 2018 15:07 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 6th May
3 Brindled Pug , Waved Umber , 3 Pebble Prominent. , Swallow Prominent , Muslin , 2 Least Black Arches , Bright-line Brown-eye , Powdered Quaker , Oak Nycteoline.
Mon 7th May 2018 07:24 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 6 May
A cool, clear night after a very hot day for May.  12 species including FFY Green Carpet and Knot Grass.  Also 1 Pale Pinion.
Sun 6th May 2018 10:29 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 5th May
10 species, including 1 Swallow Prominent, 1 Pseudoswammerdamia combinella, 3 Scorched Carpet, 1 Streamer, 1 Waved Umber and 1 Mocha. The Mocha was great to see and is the earliest sighting I have for this site. 8th June being the previous earliest date for the year.
Sat 5th May 2018 08:53 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 4.5.18 125W MV
20 individuals of 13 species.  FFY included Pseudoswammerdamia combinella, Scorched Carpet, Waved Umber and Lunar Marbled Brown.
Sat 5th May 2018 07:29 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 4 May
Chilly.  10 species including FFY Pale Tussock, Swallow Prominent and Angle Shades.
Fri 4th May 2018 19:20 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland 3rd May
Ten species included: Small Phoenix, Muslin and Powdered Quaker with the total from two traps just 26 moths.
Fri 4th May 2018 14:15 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 3rd May
Garden Carpet , Double-striped Pug , Brimstone , Waved Umber , Pebble Prominent , White Ermine , Least Black Arches , Shuttle-shaped Dart , Common Quaker , Hebrew Character , Nut Tree Tussock.
Fri 4th May 2018 11:22 by Rebecca Porter
Puddletown 3rd May
ffy are Brimstone, Brindled pug, V-pug, Nut-tree tussock, Great prominent, Garden Carpet, Orange Footman.

FFG: Streamer and Semioscopis steinkelleriana

Fri 4th May 2018 11:06 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 3rd May
At last, with the improved weather (no wind), the moths are appearing. 12 species including 1 Garden Carpet, 8 Brimstone, 1 Pebble Prominent, 1 Flame Shoulder, 1 Nut-tree Tussock, 1 Pseudoswammerdamia combinella, 1 Dark Sword-grass.
Thu 3rd May 2018 18:53 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 2nd May
Pebble Prominent , Lunar Marbled Brown.
Thu 3rd May 2018 10:54 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 2 March
Just two species here also - five Hebrew Character, two Endrosis sarcitrella (White-shouldered House Moth) min overnight temp 5.2 degC / clear
Thu 3rd May 2018 10:15 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 2nd May
very poor with only two species including 1 Muslin Moth
Tue 1st May 2018 18:01 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 30th April
just 1 species, 1 Brindled Beauty