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current posts

Wed 31st July 2013 19:52 by Richard Cottle
Tincleton 30th July, MV125 in garden
Like Les, a footman rich catch last night, with 43 Four-spotted Footman, 76 Dingy Footman and 25+ for Common and Rosy and smaller numbers of Buff and Scarce. Quite a lot made off before I was able to ID them properly. There were good numbers of some species among the remaining 300 moths including 4 Large Emerald, 22 Common Rustic agg., 11 Ruby Tiger and 10 Willow Beauty. Migrants were represented by a 2 Rush Veneer, a single Vestal and 2 Dark Sword-grass. Others of note were 2 Antler Moth, 2 Slender Brindle, single Beautiful Snout and a Chevron, a new species to the garden.
Wed 31st July 2013 19:09 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 30/7
Best here a Webb's Wainscot plus Bordered Beauty and Vapourer. Ricky Lambert had another Antler Moth. Yesterday's one still in my fridge, photo to follow. PS here it is:

2176 Antler Moth 02 Copyright: Paul Harris

Wed 31st July 2013 18:02 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 30th July 13
Around 350 moths including 4 Dinker (1 female), 18 Ruby Tiger, 5 Marbled Green, 17 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow U/W, Hypsopygia glaucinalis, Pale Prominent, Pebble Prominent, Scorched Carpet .  FFY 2 Black Arches, Rosy Rustic, Lime-speck Pug, 2 Least Yellow, 1 Broad-bordered Yellow U/W, Pyrausta aurata.
Wed 31st July 2013 16:56 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 30 July 2013
First time I've run a 125MV light here: what a difference in terms of both total numbers and species diversity.  A few still to sort out, but 267 individuals of 74 species in total so far.  Highlights include: Gracillaria syringella, Diamond-backed Moth , Carcina quercana, Water Veneer, Rusty-dot Pearl, Drinker, Lesser Cream Wave, July Highflier, Foxglove Pug, Brussels Lace, Engrailed, Rivulet, Ruby Tiger, Jersey Tiger, Kent Black Arches, Dun-bar.
Wed 31st July 2013 12:32 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 30th July
43 macro species including Nut-tree Tussock, Ruby Tiger, Sallow Kitten, Pebble Hook-tip, Marbled Green, July High-flyer(3), Double Lobed, Pine Hawkmoth, Oak Hook-tip, Bordered Beauty, plus 6 micro species
Wed 31st July 2013 11:24 by Les Hill
East Lulworth and Shaggs 30/7
Overwhelmed with 'footman' species in the garden trap, conservative est. at least 50 each of Common/Scarce/Buff/Dingy Footman, 100+ Rosy Footman & 40+ four-spotted Footman.

Over 128 species (not all 'footman') in the Butterfly Conservation trap too!

I need a lie down... Zzzz

Wed 31st July 2013 10:29 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 30 July
Disgusting weather to empty traps - driving drizzle!  A warmish and cloudy night produced some very good moths.  About 100 species with some still to ID.  FFY 1 Oak Eggar, 1 Rosy Rustic, and lots of Dusky Sallow.  Pale Prominent and Shuttle-shaped Dart are back.  1 Diamond-back, 10 male Four-spotted Footman, 2 Dark Sword-grass and 10 Silver Y.  NFG 3 Water Veneer and 1 Barred Hook-tip.  Also of interest: 1 Festoon, 1 Round-winged Muslin and an "Ear" (probably Ear Moth subject to Les's dissection).
Tue 30th July 2013 19:51 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 29/7
Southern Wainscot, Black Arches, Dusky Sallow and Double Lobed the most notable here.
Tue 30th July 2013 18:43 by Paul Harris
Preston 29/7
Message from Ricky Lambert who had Antler Moth and Webb's Wainscot.
Tue 30th July 2013 16:24 by Will Bown
29th July - Winterborne Stickland
Standing in the rain, looking at what appeared to be about 500+ moths, with an abundance of wasps in attendance, made me feel (to borrow an expression from lepidopterist Richard Dickson) “like a man who has just swallowed a mouse”.  But most agreed to be identified and almost 90 species were logged, including: Argyresthia goedartella, A. bonnetella, Twenty -plume, Ash Bud, 4 Diamond-back, Mompha propinquella, 10 V-Pug, 3 Black Arches, 17 Silver Y, Yellow-tail, 10 Chinese Character, Spectacle, Dusky Sallow, a dispersing Narrow-winged Pug, Light Arches, Peach Blossom, Fern and Drinker.
Tue 30th July 2013 08:28 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 29 July
A warm, overcast night.  But too much rain and too many wasps when emptying the traps - got stung!  73 species. 1 Diamond-back, 9 male Four-spotted Footman (I've had more of these moths this year than ever before), 1 Pale Mottled Willow and 11 Silver Y.  1 Black Arches NFY and a very fresh Bordered Beauty.
Mon 29th July 2013 09:48 by Will Bown
28th July - Winterborne Stickland
A total of 289 moths and 67 species, including: Acrobasis advenella, Spilonota ocellana, Endotricha flammealis, Agriphila inquinatella, Rush Veneer, Water Veneer, Thistle Ermine, Dark Sword-grass, 12 Silver Y, Black Arches, July Highflyer, Small Phoenix, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Lesser Broad-bordered and Least Yellow Underwing.
Mon 29th July 2013 08:10 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 28/7
57 Silver Y, Buff Footman, Dark Spectacle the best on offer.
Mon 29th July 2013 07:19 by Terry Box
Several adhoc records
25th July - Christchurch - an Udea fulvalis found on an inside wall of the property where a visiting moth'er was staying in Christchurch (S Goddard).

1389 Udea fulvalis 02 Copyright: Steve Goddard

27th July - in the Goldcroft area of Weymouth, a Jersey Tiger (S Broughton)
28th July - a Hummingbird Hawk-moth by day at Durlston NNR (S Breeze).
Sun 28th July 2013 14:57 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 27 July 2013 (15W Actinic)
Best night of the year so far with 122 individuals of 42 species identified to date.  Highlights included several new species for the garden (all singles) - Lozotaeniodes formosana, Phoenix, Crescent Dart and Light Arches.  Other notables: V-pug (2), Buff Footman (1), Jersey Tiger (1), Dark Swordgrass (1), Silver Y (4).
Sun 28th July 2013 10:45 by Will Bown
27th July - Winterborne Stickland
Another pretty good night after the rain cleared through, producing 320 of 67 species.  A few immigrants including: Rush Veneer, Diamond-back, and 17 Silver Y incl. 2 f. gammina, also Gypsonoma dealbana, Water Veneer, 5 V-Pug, 16 Mother of Pearl, Herald, Marbled White Spot, Phoenix, Nut-tree Tussock, Angle Shades and the 2nd generation Coxcomb Prominent now appearing.
Sat 27th July 2013 20:20 by Richard Cottle
Tincleton 26th July, MV125 in garden
A bumper footman show, with 85 Common Footman, 34 Rosy Footman, 32 Dingy Footman and 10 Four-spotted footman.  Notables among the 90 species caught included a single Lappet, 2 Slender Brindle, a species new to the garden, Maple Pug and Digitivalva pulicariae. Amazingly, despite the very slow start, I have now recorded more species as of the end of July in the garden than I did in the whole of last year! Just shows what a few weeks of nice sunshine can do.
Sat 27th July 2013 16:48 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 26th July 13
66 Species including 9 Ruby Tiger, Cabbage Moth, Knot Grass, Poplar Grey, Pebble Prominent, Drinker, Small Angle-shades, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow U/W, Ringed China Mark, Anania Coronata, 4 Dingy Footman (1 pale).  FFY July Highflyer
Sat 27th July 2013 15:15 by Mike Jeffes
25th July Hengistbury Head Barn
Just thought this would be useful to see. The one on the left is the typical colour form of 'ear' moths over here at Hengistbury, the only real variable being the stigma colour. The one on the right always turns out to be Saltern Ear. Will check these by gen det. I think this shows that it is important to get to know the particular forms of moths that are prevalent in your area and look for specimens that appear different.

Sat 27th July 2013 13:33 by Jean Southworth
113 macro & 57 micros last night including new for the year - Garden Tiger, Chocolate-tip, Dun-bar - 3, Southern Wainscot, Black Arches, White-line Dart, Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet - 2, 1470 Euzophera pinguis, 1405 Mother of Pearl, 1048 Garden Rose Tortrix. Also singles of Rush veneer and Silver Y
Sat 27th July 2013 11:00 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 27 July
A Humming-bird Hawkmoth in the garden.
Sat 27th July 2013 10:58 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 26/7
Fewer moths. Highlights: Ethmia dodecea, Dark Spectacle (3), Small Angle Shades and Peach Blossom.
Sat 27th July 2013 09:40 by Will Bown
26th July - Winterborne Stickland
Temperature down a few degrees. Lower number of moths, 173 of 49 species including: Rivulet, 4 Silver Y incl. f. gammina, Brown-tail, Pale Mottled Willow, Small Phoenix, Purple Thorn, Small Blood-vein, Campion, Beautiful Golden Y and notable Least Yellow Underwing.
Sat 27th July 2013 07:45 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 26 July
A chillier night.  60 species.  10 Silver Y and 2 male Four-spotted Footman.
Fri 26th July 2013 23:09 by Phyl England
Swanage(Durlston) 25th July
Only new moth for year was Ruby Tiger. Notable for number of Common Footman (85) in trap. Also Four-spotted Footman,female , Rush Veneer and Synaphe punctalis (4 ).
Fri 26th July 2013 19:09 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 25/7
Highlight here the rarely seen pyrale Aglossa pinguinalis or Large Tabby. Best of the rest: Saltern Ear, Currant Pug, Dark Spectacle, Black Arches, Scarce Footman, Blackneck, Drinker and 6 Rush Veneer.
Fri 26th July 2013 18:50 by Will Bown
25th July - Winterborne Stickland
A big increase in numbers again.  From 470+ moths of 92 identifiable species, and ignoring the tribes of footmen, the notables included: Diamond-back Moth, Carcina quercana, Acleris laterana, Stenoptilia pterodactyla, Drinker, Large Emerald, Red Twin-spot Carpet, July Highflyer, a new for the site and best of the night's catch Bordered Pug, Scorched Carpet, a late Scorched Wing, Lilac Beauty, Dusky Thorn, Early Thorn and Purple Thorn, Mottled Beauty, Yellow-tail, 2 Dark Sword-grass, Poplar Grey, Knot Grass, Small Mottled Willow, Marbled White Spot, and 7 Silver Y.

1839 Bordered Pug 03 Copyright: Will Bown

Fri 26th July 2013 16:23 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 25th July 13
400+ of around 75 species including 4 Nut Tree Tussock, 2 Ruby Tiger, 9 Silver Y, 1 Plain, 1 Beautiful Golden Y, Grey Arches, Sharp-angled Carpet, Magpie, 2 Anania Coronata, Hypsopygia Glaucinalis, Udea Olivalis, Small Blood-vein.  FFY Oak Hook-tip, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow U/W, Smoky Wainscot.  Several micros still to ID.
Fri 26th July 2013 14:49 by Jack Oughton
By Day 26/7/13 Broadcroft Quarry, Portland
By day at Broadcroft Quarry, several Silver Y, Oncocera semirubella, Crescent Plume, Helcystogramma rufescens, and Endothenia gentianaeana sp.
Fri 26th July 2013 12:23 by Jack Oughton
Rodwell 25th July 2013
Just under 300 moths of 72 species. New for garden was a Gothic. Also Four-spotted Footman, Dark Sword-grass, 5 Diamond-back Moth, 5 Silver Y, and Rush Veneer.
Fri 26th July 2013 10:40 by Clive Pinder
Chickerell July 25th
Best here was the second garden record for Round-winged Muslin; others worth a mention a Jersey Tiger and 4 Kent Black Arches.
Thu 25th July 2013 21:16 by Richard Cottle
Tincleton, 24th July, MV125 in garden
Good numbers of footman (footmen?) moths with 61 Common Footman, 32 Rosy Footman and 11 Four-spotted footman.  Migrants were represented by a single Vestal and 3 Diamond back.  NFY included a single Acleris kochiella, Pammene aurita, Agriphila tristella and Scorched carpet.
Thu 25th July 2013 18:35 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 24/7
Less moths but still a reasonable selection. Highlights: Vapourer, Double Square-spot, Crescent Dart, Scarce Footman, Four-spotted Footman (4), Double Lobed and Wax Moth.
Thu 25th July 2013 12:21 by Clive Pinder
Chickerell, July 24th
Mostly routine here as well; just 2 migrants, a Rush Veneer (the first this year) and a Silver Y. An Engrailed was a new species for the garden and singletons of both Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing and Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing were FFY.
Thu 25th July 2013 11:44 by Will Bown
24th July - Winterborne Stickland
Rain then mist and the temperature staying at 16C.  Mostly routine stuff again including: Argyresthia goedartella, Caloptria falsella, Ypsolopha scabrella, 5 V-Pug, Dusky Thorn, just 4 Silver Y, Plain Golden Y, Marbled White Spot, and Small Blood-veinCommon and Dingy Footman comprised 36% of the total.
Wed 24th July 2013 17:33 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 23/7
Best a Pine Hawk, by far the rarest of the regular Hawk-moths I catch. My third recent White Satin also of note. Rest included: Currant Pug, Green Arches, Brown-tail, Small Purple-barred, Gothic, Dark Spectacle and 20+ Dark Sword-grass.
Wed 24th July 2013 17:04 by Will Bown
23rd July - Winterborne Stickland
A total of 400 moths of 84 species. A varied selection, but mostly of routine fare.  Included were: Ethmia dodecea, Twenty-plume Moth, Agriphila straminella, Acrobasis advenella, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Phoenix, Small Phoenix, Fern, Rivulet, Small Rivulet, Scorched Carpet, Yellow-tail, 8 Silver Y and Plain Golden Y.
Tue 23rd July 2013 22:17 by Phyl England
Swanage (Durlston) 22nd July
Again good numbers and a good variety of moths. Notable were Rosy Footman (7), Beautiful Hook-tip, Poplar Hawkmoth (2), Dark Spectacle, Fern, Scalloped Oak,Garden Tiger, Early Thorn, Kent Black Arches (2), female Four-spotted Footman and Bordered Sallow. New for garden were Scallop Shell,Green Silver-lines and July Highflyer Among the micros were Crescent Plume and Synaphe punctalis.
Tue 23rd July 2013 22:11 by Jamie McMillan
Briantspuddle 20 & 22 July
Sadly suffered an electrical failure during the thunder, but the nights either side still produced some new for garden macros: Slender Brindle, Small Purple-barred (is the heathland heaving with these or are they coming from further afield?) and a lovely White Satin. Been humming Moody Blues all day.
Tue 23rd July 2013 18:35 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 22/7
Traps full of moths again. Best of them all were a Small Purple-barred (new for garden) and the rare pyrale Platytes alpinella, the latter presumably an immigrant. A few other interesting pyrales included 2 Pempelia formosa, 2 Dioryctria abietella, Ringed China-mark and Calamotropha paludella.

1325 Platytes alpinella 02 Copyright: Paul Harris

Mon 22nd July 2013 22:24 by Richard Cottle
Tincleton, 21st July, MV125 in garden
A balmy muggy night produced over 400 moths and 105 species. Good numbers of Rosy Footman (29) and Common Footman (34), with Dingy Footman (7) not really getting started yet. Notables included 8 Diamond Back and singles of Donacaula forficella, Brown-tail and Beautiful Snout.  FFY included Orthopygia glaucinalis, Cochylis roseana, Oak Eggar and Dusky Sallow.
Mon 22nd July 2013 14:35 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 21 July
Thunderstorms and some rain. 132 species. 4 Diamond-back, 3 Silver Y, a female Four-spotted Footman and 1 Gem. Also of interest: 1 Brown-tail, 1 Round-winged Muslin, 1 Kent Back Arches, 1 Gothic, 1 Pale Mottled Willow, 1 Dark Spectacle and 1 Pinion-streaked Snout.
Mon 22nd July 2013 13:09 by Clive Pinder
Chickerell, July 21st
70 spp included Small Emerald (new for garden), the first Jersey Tiger of the year, and singles of Kent Black Arches, Dark Sword-grass and Silver Y.
Mon 22nd July 2013 11:06 by Will Bown
21st July - Winterborne Stickland
From 263 of 67 species were: Agriphila straminella, Catoptria pinella, Catoptria falsella, 3 Silver Y, singles of Diamond-back and Rusty-dot Pearl, Brown China-mark, Engrailed, Brown-tail, Lychnis, Sycamore, Knot Grass, Turnip, Dusky Thorn, Early Thorn and Pale Mottled Willow.
Mon 22nd July 2013 08:43 by Jack Oughton
21/7/13 Rodwell
At Rodwell new for garden were 2 Beautiful Hook-tips. Other notables and immigrants were 2 Dark Spectacle, 3 Diamond-back Moths, Dark Sword-grass, Crescent Dart, Silver Y, Four-spotted Footman, Haworth's Pug, and a Jersey Tiger.
Sun 21st July 2013 22:21 by Roy Darlow
Visitors from the seaside ?.
In my garden trap in Blandford,2 Marbled Green,a Muslin Footman and the plume Marasmarcha lunaedactyla
Sun 21st July 2013 16:14 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 20th July 13
Around 360 / 75 species including Peach Blossom, Garden Tiger, Lychnis, Lunar-spotted Pinion, Anania Coronata, Scalloped Oak, White Plume (+ 3 to ID), 4 Small Rivulet, 4 Drinker, Dot Moth, Green Pug, 3 Ruby Tiger.  FFY Tawny-barred Angle, Small Blood-vein
Sun 21st July 2013 15:55 by David Evans
20th July Hengistbury Head David Evans
A light and a trap were ran last night on the saltmarshes at Hengistbury Head. Thank you to the chap who bought over a cup of tea for us. Rosy Wave and White Line Dart and Bactra robustana were the highlights. The Moon was huge Clear skies and the wind was strong. Amazing we got anything at all. Thanks to Mike Jeffes and Brian Heppenstall
Sun 21st July 2013 15:49 by David Evans
28th June Hurn Forest David Evans
Went out to Hurn Forest and ran 12 actinic Traps. 462 moths 102 Species. But what species. Goat moth, Dentated pug, Brussels Lace, 12 Grass Waves, Cream Spot Tiger, Beautiful Brocade, 6 Rosy Marbled. But they were put to one side as three Mustoma nitidlis were found less than 2km from the original site where the first M. nitidalis was seen 11th August 2009. Is it Breeding?
Sun 21st July 2013 12:07 by Will Bown
20th July - Winterborne Stickland
From 330+ moths of 86 species the highlights included: Argyresthia goedartella, Epermenia chaerophyllella, Ethmia dodecea, Epagoge grotiana, Apotomis betuletana, Scoparia pyralella, Ringed China-mark, Small Dusty Wave, Barred Straw, July Highflyer, Small Rivulet, Sandy Carpet, August Thorn, Engrailed, Ruby Tiger, Dark Sword-grass, Purple Clay, Miller and Silver Y, and a Wren who had to be evicted from one of the traps just after dawn for causing a great deal of disquiet.
Sun 21st July 2013 12:00 by Clive Pinder
Chickerell July 21st
About 60 species here, the pick being the first Drinker of the year, singles of Haworth's Pug, Lilac Beauty, Pine Hawkmoth, (garden first) and, the only migrant, a Silver Y.
Sat 20th July 2013 16:34 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 19th July 13
Around 350 of 75 species including Bee Moth, 4 Muslin Footman, 2 Silver Y, Ghost, Dingy Footman, Blue-bordered Carpet, Scalloped Oak, Cabbage Moth.  FFY Honeysuckle, Crescent Plume, Lunar-spotted pinion, 3 Ruby Tiger
Sat 20th July 2013 13:47 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 19 July
Micros included Evergestis limbata 1356a and Pempelia formosa 1445
Sat 20th July 2013 13:41 by John Down
19/7 Dorchester
Great night here with evidence of heathland dispersal. 3 new macros: Dark Tussock, Dark Umber and Cloaked Carpet and 6 new micros included Pempelia palumbella.
Sat 20th July 2013 11:38 by Will Bown
19th July - Winterborne Stickland
Total 343 of 85 species including: a fifth Sclerocona acutellus, Ghost, Barred Straw, Lilac Beauty, Early Thorn, Willow Beauty and Mottled Beauty, Ruby Tiger, Lesser Broad-Bordered Yellow Underwing, Dingy Shears, Silver Y, Blackneck and Herald.
Sat 20th July 2013 09:32 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 19 July
An excellent night with several new species for the garden. 120+ species with several Pugs and micros still to ID.  The easterly winds have brought some NFG heathland species to me: Purple-bordered Gold and Dark Tussock (subject to Les's confirmation) - photos will go up on Facebook. Also NFG: a very smart Epiblema fonella, 2 Muslin Footman and 1 Oak Nycteoline.  14 Silver Y, a Diamond-back and a Dark Sword-grass. Other moths of interest: 1 Festoon, 1 Leopard, 1 Four-spotted Footman, 3 Kent Black Arches and 1 Cream-bordered Green Pea.
Sat 20th July 2013 00:57 by Jamie McMillan
Briantspuddle 18 July
New species for garden just keep coming: Muslin Footman and Bordered Pug. Hadn't realised quite how transparent the wings of Muslin Footman are.

Fri 19th July 2013 21:11 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 19 July
One Old Lady in my outhouse this evening.
Fri 19th July 2013 20:06 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 18th July 13
Around 70 species including 5 Lackey, 3 Drinker, 3 Yellow-tail, 4 Mother of Pearl, Sm Angle Shades, Chinese Character, Herald, Blue-bordered Carpet, Iron Pominent.  FFY Leopard Moth, Blackneck, Garden Tiger, Marbled Green, Pyrausta Purpuralis, Agapeta Hamana, Anania Coronata, Hypsopygia Glaucinalis
Fri 19th July 2013 19:12 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 18/7
First Jersey Tiger and Four-spotted Footman of the year. Corn-borer and Rush Veneer also worth a mention.
Fri 19th July 2013 10:43 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 18th July
59 macro species including 1 Garden Tiger, 2 Scarlet Tiger, 1 Peach Blossom, 1 Small Blood-vein, 1 Engrailed, 1 Spruce Carpet, 1 Dark Umber, 4 Haworth's Pug, 1 Green Pug, 2 V-pugs, plus 7 micro species including Aethes francillana and Phalonidia manniana
Fri 19th July 2013 09:56 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 18 July
115 species.  Not many micros, but a lovely Carcina quercana.  1 Silver Y and 1 Dark Sword-grass.  New for the garden: Brown-tail (at last!).  Other moths of interest: 1 Chinese Character, 1 Leopard, 1 Four-dotted Footman, 2 Dingy Shears (only my second record) and 3 Kent Black Arches.
Thu 18th July 2013 21:56 by Phyl England
Swanage (Durlston) 17th July
Among 85 macro species, highlights were Red-necked Footman, Swallowtail (5), Common Emerald (6),Small Emerald, Small Mottled Willow, Rosy Footman, Muslin Footman(4), Sharp-angled Carpet, Small Angle Shades, Kent Black Arches, Common Lutestring and Tawny Shears. Also Dark Sword Grass (2) and Silver Y (3). Among the many micros was a single Oncocera semirubella.
Thu 18th July 2013 20:48 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 17th July
53 macro species including 5 Swallow-tailed, 2 Peach Blossom, 1 Short-cloaked moth, 1 Marbled Green, 1 Lunar-spotted Pinion, 1 Pale Mottled Willow, 3 Small Rivulet plus 6 micros, including 1 Apomyelois bistriatella
Thu 18th July 2013 20:42 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 16th July
47 macro species including 3 Coronet, 2 Drinker, 1 Lesser Swallow Prominent, 1 Chinese Character and 7 micro species
Thu 18th July 2013 19:36 by Jack Oughton
17/6/13 Rodwell
361 moths of 103 species, with new for garden being Muslin Footman, Short-cloaked Moth, True Lover's Knot and Marbled White Spot. New for year include Jersey Tiger, Haworth's Pug, July Highflyer, Burnished Brass, Light Arches, Buff Footman, Marbled Green and Zeiraphera isertana.
Thu 18th July 2013 11:54 by Will Bown
17th July - Winterborne Stickland
A glamorous night in Stickland, with plenty of emeralds, diamonds, ermine and pearls on display.  Highlights from well over 300 were: Diamond-back, Silver Y, Poplar Grey, Sycamore, Scalloped Oak, Common Lutestring, Lilac Beauty, Shark, Dark Spectacle, Drinker, Lackey, Sandy Carpet, Small Rivulet, Marbled White Spot, Clouded Silver, Yarrow Plume, Bird Cherry Ermine, Foxglove Pug and Haworth’s Pug among the guests.
Thu 18th July 2013 11:02 by Les Hill
17-July 125W MV (Highlights) East Lulworth
130 species last night, the highlights were 100+ Craniophora ligustri Coronet; 50+ Biston betularia Peppered Moth and 20+ Habrosyne pyritoides Buff Arches - all low-end estimates.
Wed 17th July 2013 22:48 by Richard Cottle
Tincleton 16th July
Another great moth-filled night. Thirteen species NFY including: Cydia splendana, Perinephela lancealis, Beautiful China-mark, Muslin Footman and Round-winged Muslin. Two new additions to the garden list were Miller (another species that had been missing in action) and rather suprisingly Plain Pug - a species that I had not expected to see.  These in a total of 300 moths of 97 species.
Wed 17th July 2013 22:25 by Jack Oughton
16/7/13 Rodwell
284 moths of 85 species, with Teleiodes vulgella, Hypsopygia glaucinalis, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Lackey and Feathered Ranunculus being new for year. Also a Grapholita lobarzewskii.
Wed 17th July 2013 17:50 by Jack Oughton
By Day 14/7 Chesil Beach
By day at Chesil Beach, large numbers of Cnephasia lognana, Lobesia littoralis, suspected Scrobipalpa suaedella, and smaller numbers of Crescent Plume, Silver Y, Platytes cerussella, Six-spot Burnet, and Dwarf Cream Waves, and singles of Dolichartria punctalis and Yellow Belle.
Wed 17th July 2013 17:34 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 16/7
Moth filled traps again today, highlights my second ever Cloaked Carpet and another White Satin. Back up cast: Small Rivulet, Small Dotted Buff, True Lover's Knot (3), Gothic, Dark Spectacle, Cypress Carpet, Double Lobed, Small Emerald (2), Blackneck, Oak Nycteoline (3).

1793 Cloaked Carpet 03 Copyright: Paul Harris

Wed 17th July 2013 14:45 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 16th July 13
Around 300 moths of 68 species including Sandy Carpet, 2 Rosy Footman, 4 Early Thorn, Clouded Border, Barred Yellow, Barred Straw, Shaded Broad-bar, Mother of Pearl, Pebble Prominent, Small Rivulet, 2 Plain Golden Y, Lobster, Double Square-spot.  FFY Blue-bordered Carpet, Magpie, Four-dotted Footman
Wed 17th July 2013 14:35 by Will Bown
16th July - Winterborne Stickland
Highlights from 228 of 55 species included: Ethmia dodecea (2), Mother of Pearl, July Highflyer, Treble Brown Spot, Mottled Beauty ab. conversaria, Purple Clay, Poplar Grey, Silver Y (2), Beautiful Carpet, and Short-cloaked Moth.
Wed 17th July 2013 13:44 by Les Hill
Speckled Footman
Two searches for Coscinia cribraria Speckled Footman this week in two known locations have drawn a blank. Hopefully a third location may be visited and there may be the possibility of further searches before the end of July.
Tue 16th July 2013 23:07 by Paul Harris
Radipole RSPB, Weymouth
Sunday 14/7/13: Lunar Hornet Moth found by Dave Chown. Photo and video clip sent to me for confirmation.
Tue 16th July 2013 20:41 by Jack Oughton
Rodwell 16/7
280 moths of 88 species, with new for garden being Small Seraphim, Brussels Lace and Grey Arches. Other notables were Phoenix, Broad-barred White, Square-spot Rustic (quite early!), Carcina quercana, Bordered Sallow and Pammene regiana.
Tue 16th July 2013 20:08 by Jamie McMillan
Briantspuddle-on-sea, 15 July
Tide must have been in a long way last night with two Lobster and a Shark, not to mention various Waves, and (up the beach maybe) a Small Rivulet. Here is a photo of the tineid Morophaga choragella from yesterday: 2nd year I've had this, and I guess it may be under-recorded.

Tue 16th July 2013 18:00 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 15/7
The good run continues, elated to find a Ruddy Carpet in one of the traps, new for garden and the first I've seen since netting this species at Cheyne 13 years ago. Best of rest: Green Silver-lines, Beautiful Hook-tip, Lilac Beauty (2), Haworth's Pug, Bordered Sallow, Peach Blossom, Green Arches, Pinion-streaked Snout (2), Sandy Carpet and the first Mottled Beauty for some years.

1735 Ruddy Carpet 01 Copyright: Paul Harris

Tue 16th July 2013 15:44 by Phyl England
Swanage(Durlston) 15th July 13
563 moths of 88 species in 2 traps, the actinic trap having far less but attracting different moths. First for garden were Fern, Small Angle Shades, Ghost Moth and Broad-barred White. Other notables were Mullein Wave, Yellow Shell, Herald, Peach Blossom, Pine Hawk=moth and FFY Garden Tiger.  Also high numbers of Coronet (15), Beautiful Hook-tip (7) and Buff Arches (12). Only 2 Silver Y. Not so many micros but possibly Synaphe punctalis-will check with photo later.
Tue 16th July 2013 11:41 by Will Bown
15th July - Winterborne Stickland
Another reasonable haul with 237 logged and 67 species.  Among the hordes of tigers and hawks were the likes of: Spruce Carpet, Barred Yellow, Beautiful Hook-tip, Plain Golden Y, Grey Arches, Gothic, Brussels Lace, Silver Y, Small Angle Shades, Bordered Straw, another (4th) Sclerocona acutellus in pristine condition, and Sandy Carpet. Nothing outstanding among the micros.
Tue 16th July 2013 09:40 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 15th July
Misty morning here but moth numbers down to only 43 macro species, including Coronet, Angle Shades, Dot Moth, Lesser Swallow Prominent, Small Blood-vein, Fern, Green Pug, plus only 4 micro species
Tue 16th July 2013 08:09 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 15 July
A lovely misty morning.  About 100 species. 4 Silver Y and a very fresh Dark Sword-grass. NFY 1 Magpie. Of interest were: 1 Cypress Carpet, another Obscure Wainscot (subject to confirmation by Les) and 1 Cream-bordered Green Pea.  Lots of Emeralds, Scarlet Tigers, Garden Tigers, Hawkmoths and Heralds for added colour!
Tue 16th July 2013 08:02 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 14 July
A Nephopterix angustella amongst the micros.
Mon 15th July 2013 23:11 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 14th July 13
Over 400 moths of at least 80 species including Figure of Eighty, Rivulet, 5 Peach Blossom, 3 Cypress Carpet, 3 Mother of Pearl, Ghost, Angle Shades, White Plume, Lg Yellow Underwing, Drinker.  FFY Large Emerald, Clay, Sm Blood Vein, Early Thorn, 2 Yellow-tail.  Still some micros and macros to ID

Mon 15th July 2013 20:15 by Jamie McMillan
Briantspuddle 13-14 July
More new goodies amongst another two fridge-fulls (note to self:must look for double-door fridge soon) included NFG Beautiful Snout (sadly failed to pot it), Silky Wainscot on 13th, two Ethmia dodecea (possible migrant or Common Gromwell feeder, pic below), Aleimma loeflingiana & the smart Epiblema foenella (lower pic) on 14th. Morophaga choragella, a big tineid feeding on bracket fungi in ancient woodland, was a second record on 14th.

Mon 15th July 2013 20:09 by Richard Cottle
Tincleton, 14th July
I ran two traps in the garden, 125Mv and 22w green actinic. The grand total was 580 moths of 136 species and that isn't counting the hoardes that seemed to disappear as I lifted the egg boxes out!  Six new species to the garden: Ethmia dodecea, Lozotaeniodes formosanus (2), Epiblema foenella, Sycamore (at last!), Blackneck and Cream-bordered Green Pea (3).  What was also notable was the high numbers of some species, with the following recording the highest garden totals to date (just for the MV125): Udea olivalis (14), Buff Arches (22), Common Emerald (9), Swallowtailed Moth (10), True Lover's Knot (14), Smoky Wainscot (10) and Coronet (16). I think I will take a break tonight / tmr morning!
Mon 15th July 2013 19:28 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 14th July
Overwhelmed by moths last night (well for North Dorset!). It's taken sometime to recover from the sheer numbers. Over 60 macro species, including Rosy Footman, Small Scallop, V Pug, Swallow-tailed(4), Ghost Moth, Short-cloaked Moth, Chinese Character(2), Herald, Drinker, Scarlet Tiger, Clay, plus over 10 micros including the fabulous Anana coronata.
Mon 15th July 2013 17:49 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 14 July
Not as exciting as the previous night but still fun - probably about 120 species when all the micros are IDed, but numbers were down. 4 Silver Y. New for the garden: 1 Fern and 1 Slender Brindle. A promising looking Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, but it finally failed the Langmaid tests. Other moths of interest: 1 Festoon, 2 Lackey, 3 Drinker, 8 Scarlet Tiger, 1 Lilac Beauty, 1 Scarce Footman, 2 Cream-bordered Green Pea and 1 Dark Spectacle.
Mon 15th July 2013 17:13 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 14/7
Another very productive night, best garden rarities were Grey Arches and Marbled White Spot. Best of rest: Scarce Silver-lines, Pine Carpet, Common Lutestring, Vapourer, Small Rivulet, Small Dotted Buff, Scarlet Tiger, Clay Triple-lines, Scarce Footman, Lilac Beauty, Haworth's Pug, Oak Nycteoline, Cream-bordered Green Pea (8).
Mon 15th July 2013 14:43 by Will Bown
14th July - Winterborne Stickland
Another warm night, with the temperature staying around 15C until dawn, but fewer moths put in an appearance - 214 and 54 species.  Among the mostly routine fare were: Ghost, Barred Straw, Lobster, Pine Carpet, Blackneck, Scalloped Oak, Grey Arches and Lesser Yellow Underwing.
Sun 14th July 2013 22:43 by Phyl England
Swanage(Durlston) 13th July 13
Among the many moths of 77 species were Dark Sword-grass and Silver Y (3). FFY were True Lovers Knot, Dot Moth, V- Pug, Pine Hawkmoth and Swallowtail.
Sun 14th July 2013 22:09 by Richard Cottle
Pallington Woods, 13th July
On a Beautiful Snout search; a species that I get a few of each year in the garden, but not sure from where they orginate. There are several areas of Bilberry in Pallington woods, so I set up a 22w green actinic in a likely area. Over 300 moths of 75 species recorded. In terms of numbers True Lover's Knot (59) dominated followed by Dark Arches (21), Peppered Moth (18), Lobster Moth (17), Buff-tip (16) and Grey Arches (10). Notables included Large Emerald (6), Small Seraphim (3), Blue-bordered Carpet, Chevron, Broom Moth, Suspected (2), Cream-bordered Green Pea and Pinion-streaked Snout. Oh, and the trip was a success with a single Beautiful Snout. I will have a search for the larvae later in the year.
Sun 14th July 2013 21:31 by Jack Oughton
Rodwell 13th July
325 moths of 100 species. Eucosma campoliliana, Argyresthia goedartella, Sharp-angled Peacock and Common White Wave were 4 of 6 new for garden. 16 new for year species, including L-album Wainscot, 2 Bordered Sallow (3rd garden record), and a Pinion-streaked Snout (2nd garden record)
Sun 14th July 2013 20:39 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 13th July
48 macro species including Peppered Moth, Drinker, Lilac Beauty(2), Early Thorn, Small Scallop, Small Fan-footed Wave, Coronet, Small Seraphim, and Scarlet Tiger(not in trap) plus 8 micro species, a very busy morning, followed by a successful trip to Bentley Wood to see the Purple Emperor.
Sun 14th July 2013 20:33 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 12th July
39 macro species including Eyed Hawkmoth, Muslin Footman, Dot Moth, Peach Blossom, Poplar Grey, Green Pug, Brown Scallop, plus 6 micro species
Sun 14th July 2013 20:17 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 13th July 13
Best night here also with around 250 moths including Drinker, Iron Prominent, Plain Golden Y, White, Tansy and Common Plume, Thistle and Bird Cherry Ermine, Sycamore, Peach Blossom.  FFY 4 Rosy Footman, Mother of Pearl, Small Emerald, Grey Arches.  Numerous additional micros - will try to ID a few more.
Sun 14th July 2013 17:57 by Lawrie de Whalley
Sun 14th Winterborne Stickland.  Lawrie de Whalley
91 species, 191quantity. Green Pug 1, Cloaked Minor 1, Garden Tiger 2, Large Emerald 1, Common Emerald 2, Small Emerald 1, Light Emerald 1, Dot moth(melanic) 1, Miller 1.  15degC.
Sun 14th July 2013 17:37 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 13 July
The final tally is 136 species including 1 Silky Wainscot which is new for the garden.  Of interest amongst the micros were: 3 Calamotropha paludella, 1 Assara terebrella and 1 Catoptria falsella - all new for the garden.
Sun 14th July 2013 13:29 by Will Bown
13th July - Winterborne Stickland
An extraordinary night.  The temperature stayed at 14C from 10pm until dawn, and the final tally reached 375.  A few of the highlights from 89 species included: Pammene regiana, Argyresthia bonnetella, a 3rd (and individually recognisable) Sclerocona acutellus, Ethmia dodecea, Blackneck, Beautiful Carpet, Treble Brown-spot, Barred Straw, Foxglove Pug, Ghost, Lilac Beauty, Beautiful Hook-tip, Brown Plume, Yellow Wave, and Sharp-angled Peacock.
Sun 14th July 2013 11:52 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 13/7
Best night of the year so far for sure. Highlight, a new-for-garden Broom Moth. Best of rest: White Satin, Barred Red, Ghost, Sandy Carpet, Buff Footman, Scallop Shell, Rosy Footman, Maiden's Blush, Small Angle Shades, Blackneck, Dwarf Cream Wave, Haworth's Pug (3), Cypress Carpet (3), Lilac Beauty (4), Common Lutestring (5), Cream-bordered Green Pea (10), Ethmia dodecea.

1789 Scallop Shell 03 Copyright: Paul Harris

2031 White Satin 04 Copyright: Paul Harris

Sun 14th July 2013 10:48 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 13 July
4 traps out and very large numbers of moths (took me 4 hours to unload the traps). 119 species, with one or two macros (and several Pugs of course) and lots of micros still to ID. 5 Silver Y and 1 Diamond-back. Of particular interest were: 2 Dwarf Cream Wave, 1 Obscure Wainscot and 1 Kent Black Arches. Also: 1 Festoon, 1 Lackey, 3 Drinker, 6 Scarlet Tiger, 1 Lilac Beauty, 1 Shark, 1 Green Silver-lines and 1 Cream-bordered Green Pea
Sun 14th July 2013 10:39 by Clive Pinder
Chickerell, July 13th
A good night here, with 154 moths of 58 spp to 15W actinic, of which the best were 2 Eudonia lineola and a Blue-bordered Carpet (both FFY), a Small Seraphim, a Dark Sword-grass and 3 Beautiful Hook-tip.
Sun 14th July 2013 09:24 by David Foot
Wyke Regis, Weymouth
A stunning night here at Wyke Regis, Weymouth. 4 gdn ticks - beautiful hook-tip, muslin ftmn, ruddy cpt and cmn lutestring. Also cream-bordered green pea, short cloaked moth, small elephant hawk-moth, 5 coronet, 3 blue-bordered carpet and3 cypress carpet. On the micro side lozotaeniodes formosana, aethes beatricella, aethes francillana, delplanqueia dilutella, cataclysta lemnata and cochylis hybridella all being noteworthy for me.
Sat 13th July 2013 23:05 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 12th July 13
Around 200 moths and 53 species including second FY (new) Cypress Carpet, 2 Muslin Footman, Ringed China Mark, Single Dotted Wave, Tansy Plume.  FFY Lilac Beauty, Shaded Broad-bar
Sat 13th July 2013 17:57 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 12/7/13
Best here were: Slender Pug, Small Dotted Buff, Lilac Beauty and Beautiful Hook-tip.
Sat 13th July 2013 15:59 by Jack Oughton
12/7: Charmouth Area
Netting in the Charmouth area for about an hour produced 15 species, with the highlight being 11 Morris's Wainscot. Other highlights were Annulet, Oncocera semirubella and 3 Crescent Plume.

2346 Morris's Wainscot 02 Copyright: Jack Oughton

2346 Morris's Wainscot 01 Copyright: Jack Oughton

2346 Morris's Wainscot 03 Copyright: Jack Oughton

Sat 13th July 2013 10:22 by Will Bown
12th July - Winterborne Stickland
From just over 200 of 64 species the varied selection included: a second, and pristine, Sclerocona acutellus (presumably also from recent local thatching operations), Lilac Beauty, Early Thorn, Brussel's Lace, Short-cloaked Moth, Purple Clay, Mottled Rustic, Plain Golden Y, and the only immigrant on display was a single Silver Y.
Fri 12th July 2013 15:40 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 11th July 13
Approx 140 moths of 46 species including 2 Small Yellow Wave, 3 Plain Golden Y, Sandy Carpet, Sycamore, Muslin Footman, Small Rivulet, Drinker.  FFY Peach Blossom, Green Arches, Dusky Brocade
Fri 12th July 2013 14:25 by Les Hill
11-July 125W MV (Highlights) Shaggs
Singles of Malacosoma neustria Lackey and Cybosia mesomella Four-dotted Footman, the best from an even smaller catch last night.
Fri 12th July 2013 11:10 by Vince Giavarini
10 July Beacon Hill DWT (with David Godfrey)
A good turn out of people for this trap despite the cooler overnight temperatures. Approx 45 macros: the best were Ghost Moth (female), Grass Emerald, Green Silver-lines, Obscure Wainscot (a pale, straw coloured form), Poplar Grey and Tawny-barred Angle.
Fri 12th July 2013 09:27 by Will Bown
11th July - Winterborne Stickland
Numbers down a little on a slightly cooler night, and from 43 species the modest highlights were: the microscopic but beautiful Argyresthia bonnetella, plus Brindled Plume, Fern, Lychnis, Poplar Grey, Silver Y, and Beautiful Golden Y.
Fri 12th July 2013 07:27 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 11th July
numbers down to 31 macro species, including 1 Blotched Emerald, 2 Common Emeralds, 5 Small Emeralds, 1 Clouded Border, 1 Muslin Footman, 1 Dot Moth
Thu 11th July 2013 21:34 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 10th July
42 macro species including 3 Swallow-tailed Moths, and singles of Small Dusty Wave, Clouded Silver, Cypress Carpet, Haworth's Pug and Small Blood-vein. 6 micro moth species, including Udea prunalis.
Thu 11th July 2013 17:43 by Jack Oughton
Rodwell. Late news from 8/7/13: New for garden were the nationally scarce micros Grapholita lobarzewskii and Argyresthia dilectella (both confirmed by P. Sterling)
Thu 11th July 2013 11:51 by David Evans
8th July Rushmore Estate David Evans
Had a night out on the Rushmore Estate running 10 Actinic traps and 2 Mv units. The result surprised my friend Mike Jeffes and I to say the least. At the close of play we were well satisfied. At this time the count stands at 835 moths of 113 species. The Highlights being the Ruddy carpet and 9 Haworth's Pug and wealth of other species. I would like to put up a list but that might not be right for the website. If you want to see the list just facebook me on the Dorset site.
Thu 11th July 2013 11:26 by Will Bown
10th July - Winterborne Stickland
The temperature dropped to 9C before dawn, but of 61 species there was certainly plenty of colour.  Among the 208 night's visitors were: Lozotaenia forsterana, Yarrow Plume, and some very pristine specimens of Common Emerald and Barred Yellow, some slightly worn Grey Pine Carpet and Spruce Carpet, but Pretty Chalk Carpet, V-pug, Swallow-tailed Moth, Light Emerald, Barred Red, White-point, Green Silver-lines, Beautiful Golden Y, Spectacle, and Beautiful Hook-tip were all very fresh.
Thu 11th July 2013 11:15 by Will Bown
10th July - Portland Bill
At Portland Bill by day: Cynaeda dentalis, and Crescent Plume.

1359 Cynaeda dentalis 03 Copyright: Will Bown, 10 Jul 2013

Thu 11th July 2013 09:49 by Les Hill
10-July 125W MV (Highlights) Shaggs
3 Evergestis limbata the best of a smaller catch last night.
Thu 11th July 2013 07:28 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 10 July
Got chillier towards and morning and numbers down.  2 Silver Y.  Ruby Tiger and Barred Yellow added some colour.
Wed 10th July 2013 22:05 by Richard Cottle
Tincleton 7-9th July
Some nice mothing nights in the garden, which is certainly making up for the slow start to the year. Over 90 species last night (9th July) with Pempelia palumbella a new garden record along with Aethes cnicana.  Nice to see Lilac Beauty again (2nd garden record) along with two Beautiful Snout, two Common Lutestring, two Pine Hawk and a Garden Tiger.  The most numerous species, suprisingly, was Buff Arches (19), by far the highest total recorded in one night. Other notables from this period include: Morophaga choragella, Diamond Back, European Corn-borer, Pempelia formosa, Dwarf Cream Wave, Red-necked Footman and Green Silver-lines (2).  Looking forward to the next couple of weeks!
Wed 10th July 2013 21:31 by Jamie McMillan
Briantspuddle 6th-9th July
Epic mothing like everyone else, with approx 65 spp per night, new for site including Ash Bud Moth, Common Lutestring, Udea prunalis, Pempella palumbella, probable Acleris hastiana, The Miller, Small Rufous, Grey Tortrix sp., and Blue-bordered Carpet. European Corn-borer appeared for the third summer running: there must be a local population. Also Phaulernis fulviguttella, a dayflying micro on Hogweed flowers, and rollercoaster flights by Scarlet Tiger most evenings. Record numbers of Privet Hawk. Not sure how to get to 100 spp per night without REALLY upsetting my neighbours!
Wed 10th July 2013 21:13 by Jack Oughton
9/7/13: New for garden at Rodwell were Scarlet Tiger and Aethes tesserana. Also, second garden record of Ghost Moth (last recorded here in 2011)
Wed 10th July 2013 20:19 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 9th July
35 macro species, including Beautiful Hook-tip, Common Emerald, Small Elephant Hawkmoth, Lackey, Small Dotted Wave, Sandy Carpet, Four-dotted Footman, Double Square-spot and Phoenix.
Wed 10th July 2013 17:22 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 9th July 13
Approx 150 moths of 42 species including Lackey, Plain Golden Y, Silver Y, Brussels Lace, Bright-line Brown-eye, Lychnis, D/G Dagger.  FFY 4 Drinker, Cypress Carpet, Dingy Footman, Dot Moth and several micro Ermines to ID

Wed 10th July 2013 14:07 by Will Bown
9th July - Winterborne Stickland
Total 169 of 56 species.  Nothing unusual but the tally included the likes of: Cnephasia asseclana, Hedya pruniana, Epiblema trimaculana, Anania fuscalis, Single-dotted Wave, Mottled Beauty, Privet, Eyed, Poplar, Elephant and Small Elephant Hawk-moth, and Small Fan-foot.
Wed 10th July 2013 13:51 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 9/7/13
Best here: Slender Pug, Lilac Beauty (2), Cream-bordered Green Pea (3), Blue-bordered Carpet.
Wed 10th July 2013 13:45 by Les Hill
9-July 125W MV (Highlights) East Lulworth
Another 100+ species: Plutella xylostella, Evergestis limbata, Deileptenia ribeata Satin Beauty and Callimorpha dominula Scarlet Tiger the best of the bunch.
Wed 10th July 2013 13:32 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 9 July 2013
Best night of the year so far: c120 individuals of 40+ species.  Highlights included FFY: Lackey, Peppered Moth, Red-necked Footman, Dot Moth, Plain Golden Y.
Wed 10th July 2013 09:55 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 9 July
Another good night with a wonderful range of species.  74 macros, with a few Pugs and lots of micros still to ID. 1 Silver Y, I Diamond-back, 1 Red-necked Footman and 2 Cream-bordered Green Pea.  Lots of colour with Cinnabar, Swallow-tailed Moth, Clouded Buff, Purple Clay and Beautiful Golden Y.
Tue 9th July 2013 22:26 by Phyl England
Swanage (Durlston) 8th June 13
Another numerous moth night - 312 moths of 62 species. New for garden, Scorched Carpet and Red -necked Footman (3). Elephant Hawkmoth (15) and Small Elephant Hawkmoth (21) trapped in record numbers.

0169 Six-spot Burnet 03 Copyright: Phyl England
Six-spot Burnet moths just emerging at Durlston

2039 Red-necked Footman 05 Copyright: Phyl England
Red-necked Footman
Tue 9th July 2013 21:00 by Jack Oughton
Rodwell 8/7: 231 moths of 106 species, with new for garden Small Yellow Wave. Also, Lesser Wax Moth and Maiden's Blush, both second garden records, and a Bloxworth Snout. Also, Lime, Elephant and Poplar Hawks.
Tue 9th July 2013 20:38 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 8th July 13
150+ moths of 49 species including Barred Yellow, Lychnis, Beautiful Hook-tip, Plain Golden Y, Privet/Elephant/Small Elephant H/Ms, Buff Arches, Sycamore, Fan Foot, Cabbage Moth, Poplar Grey, Flame Carpet, Swallowtailed, Udea Olivalis. FFY Common Footman, Clay, Mottled Beauty, Lackey, Common Wainscot.
Tue 9th July 2013 19:32 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 8/7/13
Best were: Meal Moth, Corn-borer, Common Lutestring, Lilac Beauty, Spruce Carpet, Blue-bordered Carpet, Cream-bordered Green Pea (2), Blackneck, Beautiful Hook-tip and Peach Blossom. Also Dioryctria Sp (poss simplicella) tbc.
Tue 9th July 2013 13:24 by Clive Pinder
Chickerell 8th July
New for the garden were Red-barred Tortrix and European Corn-borer; NFY were, Ebulea crocealis, Bee moth, Wormwood Pug, Sharp-angled Peacock, Brussels Lace, Short-cloaked Moth, Dark/Grey Dagger agg., Cream-bordered Green Pea and Small Fan-foot.
Tue 9th July 2013 11:12 by Will Bown
8th July - Winterborne Stickland
With the temperature staying at 14C the total reached 254 of 68 species. Highlights included: Ethmia dodecea, Lozotaenia forsterana, Yarrow Plume, Clay Triple-lines, Brussels Lace, 2 Eyed, 8 Elephant and 5 Small Elephant Hawk-moth, Garden Tiger, Poplar Grey, Pale Mottled Willow, Silver Y and Beautiful Hook-tip.
Tue 9th July 2013 09:58 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 8 July
71 macro species with two Pugs and lots of micros left to ID.  Highlights were 1 Scarlet Tiger, 1 Blackneck and Pine and Lime Hawkmoths.
Tue 9th July 2013 09:15 by Les Hill
8-July 125W MV (Highlights) East Lulworth
Apoda limacodes Festoon (6), Parachronistis albiceps (2nd Det.: M. Jeffes), Jodis lactearia Little Emerald, Euchoeca nebulata Dingy Shell and Lygephila pastinum Blackneck the highlights from 100+ species last night.

Atolmis rubricollis Red-necked Footman every night now for past 10 days or so.

Mon 8th July 2013 22:00 by Lawrie de Whalley
7 July Winterborne Stickland, Lawrie de Whalley
Lobster 1, Ghost 1, Brussells Lace 1, Shoulder-striped Wainscot 2, Elephant Hawk 3, Small Elephant Hawk 1, Black Rustic 1, Cataptria falsella 1, Anania coronata 1.  65 species, 204 moths, 11 degrees.
Mon 8th July 2013 21:14 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 7th July 13
Around 150 moths of approx 70 species including Small Angle Shades, Sycamore, Coronet, Alder, Sandy Carpet,Beautiful Hook-tip 3, Plain Golden Y 3, Silver Y, Pebble Prominent, Brown China-mark, Barred Yellow FFY Blotched Emerald 2, Common Wainscot, Ghost (f).  Numerous micros.
Mon 8th July 2013 20:15 by Clive Pinder
Chickerell 7th July
Fortyfive species, including one new for garden, Blastodacna hellenella and Aethes beatricella, Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix, Thistle Ermine, Mullein Wave, Small Blood-vein, Barred Straw, Haworth's Pug, Coronet, Pale Mottled Willow and Beautiful Hook-tip, all new for year.
Mon 8th July 2013 20:13 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 7/7/13
Acrobasis consociella new for garden (tbc). Silky Wainscot a real rarity here also. Best of rest were Lobster, Cream-bordered green Pea (2), Dog's Tooth a and Dark Sword-grass.
Mon 8th July 2013 19:49 by Jack Oughton
7/7/13 Rodwell: 245 moths of 65 species. New for garden were 3 Ancylis achatana and Gypsonoma dealbana. Also, new for year were 6 Red-barred Tortrix, Lozotaenia forsterana, 2 Pammene regiana, Poplar Grey. Also, 5 Elephant Hawk-moths and 2 Sycamore.
Mon 8th July 2013 18:02 by John Winterbottom
5th July 125W Robinson & 125W Skinner. We ran these two traps overnight on 2nd Ridge South for Cyril Diver Project List below of additional species to Les Hill's list Poplar Hawk Four Dotted Footman Buff-Tip Bright-line Brown-Eeye Pinion Streaked Snout Green Oak Tortrix Common Wainscot Birds Wing Peppered Moth Rosy Wave Silver Hook Flame Shoulder Crambus pascuella Celypha rivulana Chilo phragmitella Anasaria spartiella
Mon 8th July 2013 15:48 by Les Hill
8-July Field Record Bindon Hill
Putative photo record of Adscita geryon Cistus Forester by David Dennis, Chairman, Butterfly Conservation. Foodplant present.
Mon 8th July 2013 14:27 by Will Bown
7th July - Winterborne Stickland
Over 175 moths in total of 64 species.  A typical summer assortment including: Hedya pruniana, Brown China-mark, Drinker, Peach Blossom, Barred Yellow, Scorched Carpet, Willow Beauty, Poplar Hawk-moth, Double Square-spot, Shark, Poplar Grey, Miller, Coronet, Angle Shades, Pale Mottled Willow, Fan-foot and Small Fan-foot.
Mon 8th July 2013 10:42 by Les Hill
7-July 125W MV (Highlights) East Lulworth
Apoda limacodes Festoon, again the only highlight from 94 species last night.
Mon 8th July 2013 09:47 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 7 July
59 species with 10 or so micros still to ID.  Highlights were 1 Cream-bordered Green Pea, some very fresh Green Arches and 2 Beautiful Golden Y. Also 1 Nascia cilialis/Sclerocona acutellus (probably the latter).
Sun 7th July 2013 21:51 by Jack Oughton
Morden Bog 6/7/13: Around 550 moths of 88 species. Highlights were Leopard Moth, Batrachedra pinicolella, Cydia coniferana, 4 Donacaula mucronellus, Small Grass Emerald, Purple-bordered Gold, Dotted Border Wave, Horse Chestnut, Lilac Beauty, Pine, Privet, Poplar, Elephant and Small Elephant Hawk-moths, Lobster Moth, Red-necked Footman, Striped Wainscot, Cream-bordered Green Pea and Pinion-streaked Snout.

1330 Donacaula mucronellus 02 Copyright: Jack Oughton Donacaula mucronellus

2142 Beautiful Yellow Underwing 03 Copyright: Jack Oughton 2142 Beautiful Yellow Underwing 02 Larva Copyright: Jack Oughton Beautiful Yellow Underwing (adult and larva)

1670 Small Grass Emerald 02 Copyright: Jack Oughton Small Grass Emerald

2196 Striped Wainscot 02 Copyright: Jack Oughton Striped Wainscot

Sun 7th July 2013 21:36 by Phyl England
Swanage (Durlston) 6rth July
More moths tonight in one trap than in two yesterday - 244 moths of 57 species. Only new moths Brussels Lace, Reddish Light Arches and Barred Straw. Also singles of White-point and Silver Y.
Sun 7th July 2013 20:56 by Les Hill
6-July 125W MV (Highlights) East Lulworth
Apoda limacodes Festoon the only highlight from 75 species last night.
Sun 7th July 2013 13:42 by Will Bown
6th July - Winterborne Stickland
Almost 150 of 46 species on another very mild night, including: Epiblema trimaculana, Epiblema rosaecolana, Eucosma cana, Small Emerald, Treble Brown Spot, Purple Bar, Light Emerald, Dark Arches and Pale Mottled Willow.
Sun 7th July 2013 11:59 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 6 July
59 species but not large numbers of moths. 2 White-point.  Very fresh and beautiful Phoenix, Lilac Beauty, Dot Moth and True Lover's Knot.
Sun 7th July 2013 11:32 by Terry Box
Night of 6th July - Portland Bird Observatory
Still precious little migrant activity, with just three Diamond Back, and seven Silver Y (per PBO)
Sun 7th July 2013 10:02 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 6 July 2013
Numbers down a bit on last week.  FFY included Sharp-angled Peacock, Lobster Moth, Brussels Lace and Garden Tiger.
Sun 7th July 2013 08:56 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 6/7/13
Highlights: Gothic, Blackneck, Swallowtail, Beautiful Hook-tip, Marbled Beauty, Brussels Lace, Green Silver-lines, Barred Yellow (2), Small Elephant Hawk (3).
Sat 6th July 2013 22:09 by Richard Cottle
Tincleton, 5th July, MV125 in Garden
The highlight from last night was a first garden record of Puss moth - a species that has taken its time to fly up to the ridge here from the Frome valley. This was amongst 17 species new for the year among 197 moths of 74 species in total. Two other new garden species were singles of Strophedra weirana and Teleoides luculella. Other notables included singles of Diamond back, and Rush Veneer 4 Brussels Lace, 1 Pebble Hook-tip, 4 Lobster Moth, 11 Buff Ermine and a Pinion-streaked Snout.
Sat 6th July 2013 21:11 by Phyl England
Swanage 5th July
Not quite as many as expected - possible late temperature drop. Just 124 moths of 36 species. FFY L-album Wainscot and Pine Carpet and notable Small Elephant Hawkmoth (11) and Elephant Hawkmoth (6). Also 3 Silver Y
Sat 6th July 2013 12:42 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 5th July 13
137 Moths of 48 species including Middle-barred Minor, Chinese Character, Treble Brown Spot, Single-dotted Wave, Fan Foot, Silver-ground Carpet, Brussels Lace, Lychnis, two each of Eyed, Poplar, Elephant H/M, Bright-line Brown-eye.  FFY Sycamore, Sandy Carpet, Small Yellow Wave, Small Waved Umber.  Several micros still to ID. Overnight temperature 13.3 deg c.  Daytime 2 Six-spot Burnet on Dame's Violet.
Sat 6th July 2013 10:59 by Will Bown
5th July - Winterborne Stickland
Clear at first but with fog before dawn and 11C.  Among the colourful collection of 116 individuals of 37 species were: Epiblema trimaculana, Eucosma cana, Eudonia lacustrata, Buff Arches, Blood-vein, Eyed, Elephant and Small Elephant Hawk-moth, Light Emerald, Garden Tiger, Plain Golden Y, Burnished Brass and Spectacle.
Sat 6th July 2013 09:38 by Les Hill
5-July 125W x2 MV Studland NT
Ran a lamp & sheet plus a Skinner trap contributing to National Trust's Cyril Diver Project. Clear conditions with rising dampness and a drop in temperature did it's level best to limit both species and numbers so a full species list for each light as below:

Lamp & sheet

  • Scoparia ambigualis
  • Elophila nymphaeata Brown China-mark
  • Pempelia palumbella
  • Geometra papilionaria Large Emerald
  • Idaea aversata Riband Wave
  • Idaea straminata Plain Wave
  • Rheumaptera undulata Scallop Shell
  • Eupithecia nanata Narrow-winged Pug
  • Gymnoscelis rufifasciata Double-striped Pug
  • Lomaspilis marginata Clouded Border
  • Notodonta ziczac Pebble Prominent
  • Lycophotia porphyrea True Lover's Knot
  • Mythimna litoralis Shore Wainscot
  • Apamea monoglypha Dark Arches


  • Elophila nymphaeata Brown China-mark
  • Pempelia palumbella
  • Idaea straminata Plain Wave
  • Lomaspilis marginata Clouded Border
  • Spilosoma lubricipeda White Ermine
  • Protodeltote pygarga Marbled White Spot

Other recorders attending may post their lists separately.

Sat 6th July 2013 07:07 by Paul Harris
Best here were: 4/7/13: Blue-bordered Carpet and an 'insularia' Peppered Moth.

5/7/13: True Lovers Knot, Peach Blossom and Green Silver-lines.

1652 Peach Blossom 03 Copyright: Paul Harris

Fri 5th July 2013 16:59 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 4th July 13
118 moths of 40 species including Herald, Figure of Eighty, Barred Yellow, Barred Straw, Udea Olivalis, 3 Plain Golden Y, Privet & Elephant H/M, Sharp-angled Peacock.  FFY singles of White Plume, Shark, Light Arches, Buff Arches
Fri 5th July 2013 15:14 by Will Bown
4th July - Winterborne Stickland
The pick of another mixed catch here were: Barred Yellow, Grey Pine Carpet, Brindled White-spot, Gothic and Coronet including one of the melanic form ab. coronula
Fri 5th July 2013 14:39 by Richard Cottle
3rd July, Tincleton, MV125 in garden
Over 110 moths of 51 species with 11 NFY. These included single Catoptria falsella, Lozotaenia forsterana, Pandemis cinnomomeana, Barred Red, Short Cloaked Moth and Burnished Brass. Also notable were 3 Privet Hawk (my highest single nights record of this species) a species that others seem to be getting good numbers of and reasonable numbers of Willow Beauty (8), Snout (10) and Straw Dot (7).  The conditions look good for the next week, so hopefully the slow start to the year will be banished.
Fri 5th July 2013 10:01 by Dave Law
Marnhull (nr Stur Newton)
Ran moth trap last night , of note 5 Buff Tips , Small Elephant , 2 Elephant , Lobster , Swallow Prominent and Peppered Moth .
Thu 4th July 2013 21:56 by Phyl England
Swanage (Durlston) 3rd July
47 species but only new for year were Small Yellow Wave, Sycamore, Shark, Bee Moth, Diamond -back Moth, and .Garden Pebble.  Privet Hawkmoth (2) , Small Elephant Hawkmoth (3) Shears (7) and singles of Elephant Hawkmoth and Silver Y among the rest.
Thu 4th July 2013 20:21 by Paul Harris
3/7/13: European Corn-borer and another 7 Privet Hawks.

2/7/13: Small Waved Umber the best.

Thu 4th July 2013 19:15 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 3rd July 13
98 Moths of 40 species including Eyed H/M, Grey/Dk Dagger, Fan Foot, 4 Elephant H/M, Angle Shades, Green & Common Marbled Carpet, 2 Light Emerald.  FFY Beautiful Hook-tip, Swallow-tailed, Common Emerald, True Lover's Knot
Thu 4th July 2013 10:40 by Will Bown
3rd July - Winterborne Stickland
Mild again at 14C and 111 of 36 species including: a putative Sclerocona acutellus (adventive although probably on imported water reed here), plus Hedya nubiferana, Phycitodes binaevella, Scorched Wing, Peppered Moth, Clouded Bordered-brindle and Brussels Lace among the rest.
Thu 4th July 2013 09:10 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 3rd July
much better night, 24 macro species, including 4 Blood-vein, singles of Fern, Sharp-angled Peacock, Burnished Brass f. juncta, Buff Arches and 3 micro species, including 3 Udea Olivalis.
Thu 4th July 2013 09:05 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 2nd July
very poor night, only 8 macro species and 2 micros
Thu 4th July 2013 08:42 by Les Hill
3-July 125W MV (Highlights) East Lulworth
Ostrinia nubilalis European Corn-borer the only highlight from last night. Two putative Hoplodrina alsines Uncertain and a Acronicta tridens/psi Dark/Grey Dagger to be critically checked.
Wed 3rd July 2013 17:57 by Terry Box
Night of 2nd July - Portland B O
A migrant White-speck overnight at the Bill.
Wed 3rd July 2013 09:40 by Clive Pinder
Chickerell 2nd July
Scrobipalpa costella, a new garden record, was the only species of note.
Wed 3rd July 2013 09:18 by Will Bown
2nd July - Winterborne Stickland
After the rain finally eased the night's visitors were more colourful than noteworthy.  Buff Arches, Green Carpet, Clouded Silver, Light Emerald, Elephant Hawk, White Ermine, Burnished Brass and Gold Spot were some of the 80+ cast of regulars of just 30 species. Nothing of note among the relatively few micros either.
Tue 2nd July 2013 20:29 by Gerald Balcikonis
Yellowham Moths
Mon.1st. July,using a small actinic trap 22 species were caught which included...Scorched Wing,Brussels Lace,Beautiful Golden Y,Green Pug,Mottled Beauty,Pale Tussock,Great Oak Beauty,Buff Tip,and Brown Rustic.
Tue 2nd July 2013 20:15 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 1st July 13
27 Species including Spectacle, Flame, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Figure of Eighty, Lychnis, Flame Carpet, Privet & Elephant H/M, Udea Olivalis.  FFY Pine Carpet, Oblique Carpet, Single dotted Wave, Dusky Brocade, 4 Large Yellow Underwing.
Tue 2nd July 2013 18:10 by Jack Oughton
1/7/13 Rodwell: A good night for this year, with 200 moths of 51 species, with new for garden being Coleophora trifolii and Cyclamen Tortrix. Other highlights were Chinese Character, Dwarf Cream Wave, Lime Hawk-moth, 2 Buff-tip, Sycamore, and Straw Dot.
Tue 2nd July 2013 10:31 by Will Bown
1st July - Winterborne Stickland
A cooler night with the total down to 78 moths of 29 species.  Among the micros were: Diamond-back, Lozotaenia forsterana, and Chrysoteuchia culmella, plus highlights of Grey Arches, Poplar Grey, Pale Mottled Willow, and Silver Y among the routine fare.
Tue 2nd July 2013 09:19 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 1st July
22 macro species, including singles of Lime Hawkmoth, Elephant Hawkmoth and Bright-line Brown-eye. Only two micro species
Mon 1st July 2013 23:27 by Phyl England
Swanage (Durlston) 30th June
Among 144 moths of 44 species were first for year ,Scorched Wing and Sharp -angled Carpet.
Mon 1st July 2013 15:12 by Will Bown
30th June - Winterborne Stickland
Among a mixed bag of 100+ of 50 species were: Nematopogon swammerdamella, Cylepha striana, Hedya nubiferana, Ancylis achatana, Eudonia lacustrata, Anania coronata, Rush Veneer, Blood-vein, Clouded Silver and Clouded Brindle and Snout.
Mon 1st July 2013 10:12 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 30th June
21 macro species, including singles of Light Emerald, Clouded Silver, Brussels Lace, Sandy Carpet and Blood-vein. 4 micros, including a Lozotaenia forsterana.
Mon 1st July 2013 08:13 by Les Hill
30-June 125W MV (Highlights) East Lulworth
Goat Moth took centre stage this morning, my first British specimen.

0162 Goat Moth 05 Copyright: Les Hill
Cossus cossus Goat Moth
Mon 1st July 2013 07:56 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 30/6/13
Bordered Sallow the best, although 8 Privet Hawk were of note for here.