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current posts

Mon 30th September 2013 22:35 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 29th Sept 13
Around 80 of 26 species including 2 Barred Sallow, 6 Black Rustic, September, Canary-shouldered, Dusky Thorn, 3 Beaded Chestnut, Willow Beauty, Blair's Shoulder-knot, Turnip Moth, Convolvulus Hawkmoth (m) 2nd only gdn sighting (2004) - making up for absence of CNP here!
Mon 30th September 2013 22:09 by Phyl England
Swanage (Durlston) Sunday 29th September
A less breezy night produced 226 moths of 26 species. These included Light Emerald (12),Feathered Brindle (15).Rush Veneer (6), L-album Wainscot (9), Feathered Ranunculus (6), Silver Y (2) and singles of Canary-shouldered Thorn, Red-green Carpet. Barred Sallow. Dusky Thorn and palpita vitrealis
Mon 30th September 2013 19:06 by Jack Oughton
Rodwell 29th Sept
150 moths of 38 species, with Bordered Beauty and Spruce Carpet both being new for garden. Also, Blair's Shoulder-knot, 5 Black Rustic, Cypress Carpet, 2 Dark Sword-grass, 16 Silver Y, 5 Rush Veneer, Red-barred Tortrix, Lime-speck Pug, and Vestal.
Mon 30th September 2013 11:53 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 29/9
A first for me, 2 species of Catocala in the same trap: Red Underwing and another Clifden Nonpareil. Otherwise Vestal and 2 Barred Sallow. The latter are a daily feature of the traps and this species is presumably now breeding on the large Field Maple at the bottom of my garden.

2451 Clifden Nonpareil 07 Copyright: Paul Harris

Mon 30th September 2013 11:45 by Mark Parsons
29th September - Walditch
5 Vestal, with a supporting cast of a Udea ferrugalis (2), Plutella xylostella (2), Dark Sword-grass (1) and Silver Y (5)
Mon 30th September 2013 10:37 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 29th September
Another mild and cloudy night produced 180+ moths including: Rush Veneer, Brindled Green, Willow Beauty, Blair's Shoulder-knot, (6) Pale Mottled Willow, and (2) Light Emerald among the more numerous regulars.
Mon 30th September 2013 09:27 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 29th September
17 macro species including 3 Barred Sallow, 5 Blair's Shoulder-knot, 2 Frosted Orange, 1 Vestal, 1 Red-green Carpet, 1 Mottled Rustic
Mon 30th September 2013 09:19 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 28th September
18 macro species including 1 Green Brindled Crescent, 1 Brindled Green, 1 Beaded Chestnut, 1 Frosted Orange, 2 Blair's Shoulder-knot, 1 Mottled Rustic, 3 Barred Sallow
Mon 30th September 2013 09:03 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 29 September
29 species including FFY 1 Red-line Quaker and 1 Red Underwing.  Also 1 Vestal, 1 White-point, 1 Dark Sword-grass and 2 Silver Y.  Also a small Lesser Broad-bordered/Langmaid's Yellow Underwing which I'll get Les to look at.
Sun 29th September 2013 21:51 by James Watson
Stour Provost - 29/09/13
2451 Clifden Nonpareil 06 Copyright: James Watson
I heard some fluttering in the lamp behind me whilst watching television and was astounded to find this stunning Clifden Nonpareil!
Sun 29th September 2013 13:54 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 28th September
A mixed collection of 144 with 22 species.  Included were: Celypha lacunana, Plutella porrectella, Firethorn Leaf Miner, Rush Veneer, Silver Y, Vestal, Dark Sword-grass, Beaded Chestnut (7), Black Rustic (9), Pale Mottled Willow (8), White-point and Willow Beauty.

Sun 29th September 2013 12:11 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 28/9
Pretty quiet, first Pink-barred Sallow of the autumn plus Dark Spectacle and Frosted Orange.
Sun 29th September 2013 08:58 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 28.9.13
66 individuals of 16 species.  Highlight was a single Pearly Underwing (first for garden).
Sun 29th September 2013 07:57 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 28 September
14 species including 1 Vestal.
Sat 28th September 2013 19:56 by Lawrie de Whalley
Winterborne Stickland 27.9.13 Lawrie de Whalley
Vestal 1, Rush Veneer 3, Frosted Orange 1, Rosy Rustic 1, Barred Sallow 3, Large Yellow Underwing 99. 228 of 20 species 12degC.
Sat 28th September 2013 13:52 by Jean Southworth
Only moths of note last night were Gem, 2 Rush veneer and my first Mallow of the year
Sat 28th September 2013 11:54 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 27th September
Home for a long weekend. Stroke effects subsiding. Ran the trap last night. 12 species including 2 Vestals, 1 Burnished Brass f. juncta, 1 Sallow, 1 Black Rustic. Living in Exeter and missing Dorset, The facilities in Devon for Moths is somewhat ancient, compared with Dorset.
Sat 28th September 2013 10:23 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 27th September
Nothing of note, other than a very late, pristine (second generation) Elephant Hawk-moth. Others on the wing here included: Garden Rose Tortrix, Pink-barred Sallow, Light Emerald, Willow Beauty and Brown-spot Pinion.
Sat 28th September 2013 09:57 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 27/9
Best here a Delicate plus Red Underwing, Dark Spectacle, Frosted Orange and a late Common Rustic.
Fri 27th September 2013 13:12 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 26/9
Undoubted highlight was my second ever Clifden Nonpareil, with back-up cast of Vestal and 2 Pearly Underwing. Best of rest were 3 Barred Sallow, Brick and Dark Spectacle. Moth a bit tatty but photo just to give an idea of size:

2451 Clifden Nonpareil 05 Copyright: Paul Harris

Fri 27th September 2013 10:07 by Les Hill

26-Sept (per Mark Parsons)

West Bexington

A single Dryobotodes tenebrosa Sombre Brocade.

Fri 27th September 2013 08:51 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 26 September
20 species including a Pine Carpet.
Thu 26th September 2013 19:20 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 25/9
Best here were 2 Gem and a Webb's Wainscot. Otherwise of note were Barred Sallow, Sallow, 5 Frosted Orange, Bordered Beauty, Red Underwing and a late Wormwood Pug.
Thu 26th September 2013 16:05 by Jack Oughton
Rodwell 25th Sept
216 moths of 37 species, with Large Wainscot being new for garden, as well as 2 Feathered Brindle (2 previous records). Also, Vestal, 12 Rush Veneer, 7 Lunar Underwing, 10 Feathered Ranunculus, 2 Dark Sword-grass, 2 Black Rustic, 2 Turnip, Prays ruficeps, Pale Mottled Willow, 2 Cypress Pug, White-point, and 5 Silver Y.
Thu 26th September 2013 12:18 by Vince Giavarini
DWT's Beacon Hill centre
A good range of seasonal moths here included Sallow, Pink-barred Sallow, L-album Wainscot, Black Rustic, Spruce Carpet, Pine Carpet, Red-green Carpet, Pinion-streaked Snout, Gold Triangle and a new for site record of Deep-brown Dart. Migrants were few: Dark Sword-grass and a single Rush Veneer.
Thu 26th September 2013 11:13 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 25th September
A total of 190 of 29 species that included: Eudonia angustea, Pyrausta aurata, Wax Moth, the first Merveille du Jour and Beaded Chestnut of the season, Dark Sword-grass, Angle Shades, Brown-spot Pinion, Black Rustic (25), Canary-shouldered Thorn, Dusky Thorn and Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing.

2247 Merveille du Jour 04 Copyright: Will Bown

Thu 26th September 2013 09:40 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 25 September
Very misty and warm, and not too much rain.  23 species including 1 Large Wainscot.  Also 2 Rush Veneer and 1 Silver Y.
Thu 26th September 2013 09:39 by Les Hill

25-Sept 125W MV (Highlights)


A 'suite' of Aporophyla last night: A. australis Feathered Brindle; A. lutulenta Deep-brown Dart and A. nigra Black Rustic.

2231 Deep-brown Dart 02 Copyright: Les Hill
Aporophyla lutulenta Deep-brown Dart

Thu 26th September 2013 08:29 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 25th Sept 13
Just 100 of 30 species, including 3 Angle-shades, Burnished Brass, Magpie, 2 Pale Eggar, 3 Black Rustic, 3 Frosted Orange, Lg Ranunculus, Broad-bordered Yellow U/wing, Dk Sword-grass, Lt Emerald, Sallow, FFG Blair's Shoulder-knot
Wed 25th September 2013 21:44 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 24th Sept 13
Around 120 of 27 species including 2 Angle-shades, Dk Sword-grass, Silver Y, 5 Canary-shouldered / 2 Dusky Thorn, 3 Pale Eggar, 4 Lg Ranunculus, 2 Frosted Orange, Black Rustic, Broad-bordered Yellow U/wing, Bulrush Wainscot, with FFY Mallow
Wed 25th September 2013 19:39 by Jamie McMillan
24 Sep: Third Clifden Nonpareil of the year and the first Black Rustic of the autumn.
Wed 25th September 2013 17:43 by Jack Oughton
23/9/13: 177 moths of 34 species, including the second garden record of Oak Nycteoline, also L-album Wainscot, 4 Dark Sword-grass, 5 Feathered Ranunculus, Cherry Bark Tortrix and 2 White-point.

24/9/13: 208 moths of 37 species, including 13 Lunar Underwing, 11 Feathered Ranunculus, 2 White-point, Blood-vein, 4 Light Emerald, 3 Silver Y, 2 Dark Sword-grass, 4 Rush Veneer, 2 Black Rustic and a Pearly Underwing. Also, a late Common Rustic agg.

Wed 25th September 2013 10:02 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 24th September
A promising looking night produced just 174, but a nice selection of 27 species. Immigrants comprised: Gem, Vestal (2), Dark Sword-grass and Rush Veneer.  Among the rest were: Barred Sallow, Pink-barred Sallow, Cabbage, Pale Mottled Willow, Canary-shouldered Thorn and Dusky Thorn.

1720 Gem 05 Copyright: Will Bown

also two Clouded Yellows in the garden this morning

Wed 25th September 2013 09:02 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 24 September
24 species including 1 Brown-spot Pinion, which was FFG, and 1 Red Underwing.  Also 1 Rush Veneer.
Wed 25th September 2013 07:57 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 24/9
Standard daily fare at the moment: Barred Sallow, Sallow, Dark Spectacle, 2 Frosted Orange, Pinion-streaked Snout and 7 Dark Sword-grass.
Tue 24th September 2013 09:43 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 23 September
23 species, including Pine Carpet which is uncommon here.
Tue 24th September 2013 08:09 by Les Hill

23-Sept 125W MV (Highlights)

East Lulworth

A single Orthonama obstipata Gem the only migrant.


A single, absolutely pristine Catocala fraxini Clifden Nonpareil amongst some common migrants.

Tue 24th September 2013 07:47 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 23/9
Best were Barred Sallow, 2 Frosted Orange and a Large Wainscot.
Tue 24th September 2013 00:18 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 23rd Sept 13
Around 160 / 40 species, including 5 Pale Eggar, 5 Black Rustic, Pink-barred and Centre-barred Sallow, White Point, Sm Dusty Wave, Dusky and Canary-shouldered Thorn, 2 Large Ranunculus, 3 Brindled Green. Angle-shades, Silver Y
Mon 23rd September 2013 19:58 by Jamie McMillan
Briantspuddle 22 Sep
A close mild night produced 4 FFY: Mallow, a nicely-marked Sallow, Red-green Carpet, Bordered Beauty. Also Vestal, Dark Swordgrass, Rush Veneer and Ypsolopha sequella.
Mon 23rd September 2013 17:49 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 22/9
Some immigrants made it to here with Convolvulus Hawk and a very pink Vestal the best of the bunch. Also 2 Pinion-streaked Snout, Barred Sallow, Frosted Orange.

1716 Vestal 05 Copyright: Paul Harris

Mon 23rd September 2013 16:45 by Jack Oughton
Rodwell 22nd Sept
331 moths of 41 species, with immigrants and notables being Pearly Underwing (2), Dark Sword-grass (12), Black Rustic, Red Underwing, Feathered Ranunculus (5), Cypress Pug, Dusky Thorn, Turnip (2), Rush Veneer (6), Diamond-back (2). Also the largest numbers of Large Yellow Underwing this year (135)
Mon 23rd September 2013 11:35 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 22 September
Overcast and muggy with some rain towards morning.  32 species of a lovely autumnal mixture, including 1 Vestal, 2 White-point, 2 Dark Sword-grass, 1 Pale Mottled Willow and a retrap of 1 very worn Copper Underwing agg (of the Svensson type).
Mon 23rd September 2013 10:43 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 22nd September
Warm, damp and misty. The total reached 260 of 35 species, but there was little of any special interest.  Among the visitors were: Hypatima rhomboidella, Blastobasis adustella, Eudonia angustea, Acleris laterana/comariana, Dark Sword-grass, Dusky Thorn, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Angle Shades, Willow Beauty, Bright-line Brown-eye, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Lunar Underwing, Pale Mottled Willow (6), Black Rustic (21), and Mouse Moth.
Sun 22nd September 2013 23:38 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 21st August 13
Around 30 species including 2 Cypress Carpet, Frosted Orange, 3 Pale Eggar, 2 Silver Y, Lt Emerald, 12 Common Marbled Carpet, Common Wainscot, Common Plume, 2 Lg Ranunculus
Sun 22nd September 2013 23:23 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 19th / 20th Sept 13
24 / 27 species respectively, including Dk Sword-grass, Pale Eggar, Brindled Green, Common Plume, Eudonia augustea, Lg Ranunculus, Cabbage Moth, Green Carpet, Dusky Thorn, Gdn Pebble, Angle-shades with micos still to ID
Sun 22nd September 2013 22:34 by Terry Box
Portland records for nights of 18th, 20th and 21st Sept.
Night of 21st Sept
A Purple Marbled a nice migrant highlight from Obs moth-traps; other migrant totals at Obs were a Diamond-back, 110 Rush Veneer, 35 Dark Sword-grass, three Pearly Underwing, nine Silver Y.

Night of 20th Sept
Obs migrant moths: a Diamond-back, Rusty-dot Pearl, 28 Rush Veneer, a Vestal, 18 Dark Sword-grass, two Pearly Underwing, a Gold Spot and a Dark Spectacle.

Night of 18th Sept
First mothing for a few nights at obs but migrant nos still low: a Diamond-back, nine Rush Veneer, 13 Dark Sword-grass, a Pearly Underwing and two Silver Y.
Sun 22nd September 2013 22:16 by Terry Box
Durlston CP, night of 21 Sep 2013
With 6 traps I trapped the following migrants: 4 Diamond-back, 2 Rusty-dot Pearl, 56 Rush Veneer, 19 Dark Swordgrass, 3 Pearly Underwing, 20 Silver Y (per Dave Grundy).
Sun 22nd September 2013 21:48 by Richard Cottle
Tincleton, 21st September, MV125 in Garden
Last to be spotted under the rim of the trap was a superb Clifden Nonpareil, the definite highlight among the 35 species recorded (190 moths in total).  Migrants were represented by 2 Rush Veneer, 2 Dark Sword Grass a single Diamond-back. NFY were singles of Acleris sparsana, Beaded Chestnut, Autumnal Rustic and Black Rustic.
Sun 22nd September 2013 18:44 by Vince Giavarini
Near Badbury Rings (Saturday 21 Saturday)
Two Heath Traps out on what appeared to be very still, near perfect conditions...trying for Deep-brown Dart. Mixed results with a scatter of Black Rustic, Lunar Underwing, Turnip Moth, Copper Underwing, Light Emerald and Hedge Rustics among the familiar yellow underwings, and singles of White Point, Rosy Rustic, Common Wainscot and a Burnished Brass. A disappointing assemblage and not a sallow in sight.
Sun 22nd September 2013 18:32 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 21 September
Warm and muggy.  A better night.  23 species.  Highlights were 2 White-point, 2 Copper Underwing agg (Svensson's on the criteria in Waring) and 2 Pinion-streaked Snout.  Also a very worn Black Arches was very late.
Sun 22nd September 2013 11:17 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 21st September
A warm cloudy night and more moths. Nothing of special interest but among those on the wing were: Pyrausta aurata, Eudonia angustea, Plutella porrectella, Celypha lacunana, Blastobasis adustella, (19) Light Brown Apple Moth, Wax Moth, Common Plume, Garden Rose Tortrix, Angle Shades, Black Rustic, Vapourer, Turnip, Pale Mottled Willow, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Sallow and Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing.
Sun 22nd September 2013 10:39 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 21/9
Lots of moths but nothing very exciting. Best were: Barred Sallow, Centre-barred Sallow, Red Underwing, 2 Pinion-streaked Snout.
Sat 21st September 2013 22:47 by Phyl England
Swanage (Durlston) 20th September
Another reasonable number with 142 moths of 25 species. Most notable was the large number of Rush Veneer (31). Heath Rustic was first for garden and other highlights were L-album Wainscot, Feathered Brindle(3) and Feathered Ranaculous (3).
Sat 21st September 2013 15:21 by Jack Oughton
Rodwell 20th September
110 moths of 24 species, with 4 Feathered Ranunculus, 3 Lunar Underwing (NFY), Common Wainscot, Dark Sword-grass, Silver Y, 2 Turnip Moth, Diamond-back Moth, Rush Veneer and 2 Acleris laterana being the highlights.
Sat 21st September 2013 12:55 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 20.9.13
The cloud came over and numbers responded positively.  124 individuals of 24 species.  Best were: Rush Veneer (2), Purple Bar (1), White-point (2), Large Ranunculus (1) and Silver Y (1).
Sat 21st September 2013 11:02 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 20/9
Best here were Bordered Beauty, another Barred Sallow and Frosted Orange.

2272 Barred Sallow 02 Copyright: Paul Harris

Sat 21st September 2013 10:17 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 20th September
Cloud definitely needed. Another clear night with not much return.  Among the 17 species were: Eudonia angustea, Common Plume, Dark Sword-grass, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Black Rustic, Angle Shades, Pink-barred Sallow, Copper Underwing agg. and Willow Beauty, and a Grey Pug larva.
Sat 21st September 2013 08:31 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 20 September
21 moths of 11 species, including a nice Frosted Orange
Fri 20th September 2013 20:01 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 19/9
Barred Sallow and Dark Spectacle the best from a very meagre haul. Cloud cover please.
Fri 20th September 2013 17:27 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 19th September
Cool again overnight and just 21 species.  Included were: Celypha lacunana, Vestal (a different individual from the previous night), 2 Silver Y, Turnip, Mouse Moth, Black Rustic and Pale Mottled WillowAlso a Vestal disturbed from heathland on the southern shore of Poole Harbour this afternoon.
Fri 20th September 2013 10:52 by Les Hill

19-Sept MV/Actinic x5 (Highlights)

Lulworth Estate

Targetting Catocala spp., a single, fresh C. nupta Red Underwing obliged. Very little else to mention apart from a sprinkling of common migrants and a single Xestia castanea Neglected Rustic in the garden trap.

Fri 20th September 2013 10:17 by Dorothy Karley
Ron & Dot Karley Lower Bockhampton
Trap set on 19th September has produced Convolvulus Hawkmoth but not much else.
Thu 19th September 2013 11:08 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 18th September
A colder, moonlit first part of the night, clouding over before dawn. Just 77 of 15 species including: Eudonia angustea, Acleris laterana/comariana, Vestal, Dark Sword-grass, Angle Shades and Black Rustic.
Thu 19th September 2013 11:07 by Phyl England
Swanage (Durlston) 18th Sept
Despite the temperature dropping to single figures,a reasonable number and variety of moths- 121 moths of 23 species. First for year were Feathered Ranaculous and Feathered Brindle (2). Also notable Purple Bar, Lunar Underwing, Pale Mottled Willow(3), Burnished Brass,Cypress Carpet and Rush Veneer (8).
Thu 19th September 2013 10:45 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 18 September
11 species including 1 Dark Sword-grass.
Wed 18th September 2013 13:49 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 17th September
A slightly better return, but few species.  Among those on the wing on a mild but damp night here among the chalk hills were: Eudonia angustea, Mother of Pearl, Nettle-tap, Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix and Light Brown Apple Moth, plus White-point, Angle Shades, Maiden's Blush, Mouse Moth, Purple Bar and Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing.
Tue 17th September 2013 09:14 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 16th September
Numbers still falling and just 15 species on another cool, moonlit night.  Acleris laterana, Rush Veneer, Dark Sword-grass, Angle Shades, Black Rustic, Canary-shouldered Thorn and a Single-dotted Wave were among the 60 or so moths caught.
Mon 16th September 2013 13:01 by Les Hill

12-Sept Charmouth (Highlights)

From Geoffrey Sell: Idaea degeneraria Portland Ribbon Wave.

Mon 16th September 2013 09:25 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 15th September
Low numbers again with a bright moon, a brisk wind and the temperature falling to 7C.  Micros just Hypatima rhomboidella and Common Plume, and among the rest were: Black Rustic, Lunar Underwing, Dark Spectacle, Dark Sword-grass, Lesser Yellow Underwing and Vine's Rustic.
Sun 15th September 2013 22:41 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 14th Sept 13
Just 35 moths of 14 species - Pale Eggar, Willow Beauty, 4 Common Marbled Carpet, Silver Y, 4 Lunar Underwing, 2 Common Plume (overnight temp 6 degsC)
Sun 15th September 2013 16:09 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 14.9.13
Only 44 moths of 15 species on a cool night.  Notables were: Pale Eggar, White-point (2), Black Rustic, Lunar Underwing, Large Ranunculus and Feathered Ranunculus.
Sun 15th September 2013 13:14 by Jack Oughton
Rodwell 14th Sept
Just under 100 moths of 23 species. Best was Cypress Pug. Also a Hummingbird Hawk-moth in the garden when checking the traps.
Sun 15th September 2013 10:42 by Jamie McMillan
Briantspuddle 14 September
A second Clifden Nonpareil, thankfully not damaged by the Wren that was also in the trap.
Sun 15th September 2013 10:08 by Will Bown
14th September - Winterborne Stickland
The temperature dropped from 12C after dark to a chilly 5C by dawn and just 85 moths turned up.  The micros included: Agonopterix arenella, Eudonia angustea, Garden Rose Tortrix and Common Plume. Among the rest were: Hedge Rustic, Lunar Underwing, Dark Sword-grass, Common Wainscot and Mouse Moth.
Sat 14th September 2013 19:45 by Jamie McMillan
Briantspuddle 13 September
A Vestal the highlight, along with FFY Frosted Orange and Lunar Underwing.

1716 Vestal 04 Copyright: Jamie McMillan

Sat 14th September 2013 11:02 by Will Bown
13th September - Winterborne Stickland
Cooling down overnight to 8C by dawn.  The selection included: Eudonia angustea, the spindle-eating Nephopterix angustella,, White-point, Pale Mottled Willow, Black Rustic, Light Emerald, Pale Eggar, Gold Spot and Lunar Underwing.

2439 Gold Spot 02 Copyright: Will Bown

Fri 13th September 2013 18:09 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 12/9
Loads of moths after a very cloudy, mild night; still 16 deg C at dawn this morning. Sadly no rare Catocala's but of note were Mecyna asinalis, Cornborer, Pale Eggar, Red Underwing, Centre-barred Sallow and a 2nd gen Dagger sp.
Fri 13th September 2013 13:22 by Jamie McMillan
Friday 13th September
Briantspuddle 12 Sep

Got one! A Clifden Nonpareil. My first. Was among grass way outside the trap and I only found it while dumping the compost.

2451 Clifden Nonpareil 04 Copyright: Jamie McMillan

Fri 13th September 2013 13:02 by Phyl England
Swanage(Durlston) 12th September
43 species and still large numbers of Setaceous Hebrew Character and Large Yellow Underwing. More notable- Burnished Brass, Pretty Chalk Carpet, Centre-barred Sallow, Purple Bar,Feathered Gothic(2),Copper Underwing (2) Blood-vein and Small Blood-vein
Fri 13th September 2013 12:30 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 12 September
Very dark, and still and warm, with rain towards the morning.  My first night since 8 August.  Autumn has arrived!  35 species including Centre-barred Sallows and a nice Frosted Orange.  FFG Hedge Rustic - not sure why I haven't had that before.
Fri 13th September 2013 11:52 by Will Bown
12th September - Winterborne Stickland
A very mild, overcast and damp night brought out a few more moths, but still only 40 or so species from two traps. Among the micros were: Eudonia angustea, Celypha striana, Celypha lacunana, Acleris laterana, Gold Triangle, Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix, and Light Brown Apple Moth. Among the rest were: Black Rustic (first of the season), Frosted Orange, Pink-barred Sallow, Pale Eggar, White-point, Silver Y, Copper Underwing, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Dusky Thorn, Rosy Rustic and legions of Large Yellow Underwing.
Fri 13th September 2013 08:05 by Les Hill
12-Sept 125W MV (Highlights/Migrants)
East Lulworth
  • Udea ferrugalis Rusty-dot Pearl
  • Nomophila noctuella Rush Veneer
  • Ostrina nubilalis European Corn-borer
  • Rhodometra sacraria Vestal
  • Agrotis ipsilon Dark Sword-grass
  • Autographa gamma Silver Y


  • Udea ferrugalis Rusty-dot Pearl
  • Nomophila noctuella Rush Veneer
  • Ostrina nubilalis European Corn-borer
  • Rhodometra sacraria Vestal
  • Agrotis ipsilon Dark Sword-grass
  • Autographa gamma Silver Y
  • Catocala fraxini Clifden Nonpareil
  • Catocala nupta Red Underwing
  • Catocala electa Rosy Underwing
Thu 12th September 2013 19:25 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 11/9
A few moths last night after some desperate clear nights. Best were: Dark Spectacle, Large Wainscot, Crescent, Centre-barred Sallow (2), Pinion-streaked Snout, Maidens Blush.

2368 Crescent 02 Ab fibrosa Copyright: Paul Harris

2484 Pinion-streaked Snout 02 Copyright: Paul Harris

Thu 12th September 2013 13:22 by Will Bown
11th September - Winterborne Stickland
Rain then misty by dawn. Temp 12C.  Nothing of any particular note among the 24 species present.  Among those on the wing were: Pale Eggar, Brown-spot Pinion, Dark Sword-grass, Straw Dot, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Spectacle, Vine's Rustic, Magpie, Pale Mottled Willow, Common Wainscot, Celypha striana and Common Plume.
Thu 12th September 2013 08:02 by Les Hill

11-Sept 125W MV (Highlights)

East Lulworth

  • Trichiura crataegi Pale Eggar 1


  • Abrostola triplasia Dark Spectacle 1
Wed 11th September 2013 15:16 by Lawrie de Whalley
Lawrie de Whalley 10.9.13 Winterborne Stickland
Pale Eggar 3, Feathered Gothic 4, Dark Sword-grass 1.  9degC 19 species.
Wed 11th September 2013 10:42 by Will Bown
10th September - Winterborne Stickland
A cooler night and largely clear, which produced just 25 species.  Included were: Rusty-dot Pearl, Dark Sword-grass, Silver Y (several recently have been of the form gammina), Dark Spectacle and the first Lunar Underwing of the season.
Wed 11th September 2013 02:23 by Les Hill

10-Sept 125W MV (Highlights)

East Lulworth

  • Stilbia anomala Anomalous 1 - different individual to 9-Sept.
  • Catocala fraxini Clifden Nonpareil 1 - Marked and released.
Tue 10th September 2013 23:20 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 11th Sept 13
Around 120 of 25 species including Angle-shades, Burnished Brass, 2 Light Emerald, 2 Canary-shouldered Thorn, 8 Common Marbled Carpet, Copper Underwing agg., Gdn Pebble, Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix, Lt Brown Apple Moth (9.6 degsC)
Tue 10th September 2013 14:18 by Will Bown
9th September - Winterborne Stickland
About 150 moths of 27 species.  Micros represented by just Rusty-dot Pearl and Mother of Pearl, and among the rest were: Canary-shouldered Thorn, Dusky Thorn, Dark Sword-grass, Silver Y, Turnip, Pale Mottled Willow, Centre-barred Sallow, Mouse Moth, Purple Bar, Lesser Yellow Underwing and Common Wainscot.
Tue 10th September 2013 07:39 by Les Hill

9-Sept 125W MV (Highlights)

East Lulworth

  • Stilbia anomala Anomalous 1
  • Catocala electa Rosy Underwing 1

2453 Rosy Underwing 01 Copyright: Les Hill
Catocala electa Rosy Underwing
Mon 9th September 2013 21:29 by Les Hill

9-Sept Indoors/Greenhouse

Winfrith Newburgh

I've just confirmed a larval record from a photo of Acherontia atropos Death's-head Hawk-moth.

Mon 9th September 2013 20:29 by Jack Oughton
Rodwell 7th Sept
With a dramatic drop in numbers, a Jersey Mocha was the only notable moth.
Sun 8th September 2013 22:38 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 7th Sept 13
Just 17 of 7 species with heavy rain and temp of 8 degsC: Silver Y, Pale Eggar, Lssr & Large Yellow Underwing, Green Carpet, Agonopterix heracliana, Depressaria daucella to be confirmed
Sat 7th September 2013 14:20 by Paul Harris
Preston 4/9
Ricky Lambert had his first record of Bloxworth Snout on Wednesday night.

2478 Bloxworth Snout 05 Copyright: Paul Harris

Sat 7th September 2013 11:41 by Paul Harris
7/9, Abbotsbury Toilets: Gem.

7/9 Abbotsbury Gardens: Humming-bird Hawk.

6/9 Abbotsbury Gardens: Highlights; Black Arches (3), Flame Carpet (2), Small Phoenix (2), Pine Carpet (2), Green Carpet, Feathered Gothic, Small Wainscot, Four-spotted Footman (10+)

2350 Small Wainscot 02 Copyright: Paul Harris

Fri 6th September 2013 21:42 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 5th Sept 13
45 Species including Bright-line Brown-eye, Yellow Shell, Frosted Orange, Light Emerald, 5 Centre-barred Sallow, Pale Eggar, Euzophera pinguis, Agonopterix Arenella, Wax Moth - 11.2degsC
Fri 6th September 2013 20:40 by Terry Box
Cerne Abbas, 6th Sep
By day, a Hummingbird Hawk-moth feeding at convolvulus, Back Lane, Cerne Abbas (Gill Reese).
Fri 6th September 2013 20:38 by Terry Box
Portland records for night of 5th Sep
An increase in common migrants at the Obs with a Vestal and 68 Dark Sword-grass, and another eight Vestal at Culverwell (per PBO).
Fri 6th September 2013 18:53 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 5/9
Feathered Gothic the best here.

2178 Feathered Gothic 03 Copyright: Paul Harris

Fri 6th September 2013 16:28 by Jack Oughton
Rodwell 5th September
370 moths of 50 species, with Hummingbird Hawk-moth being the highlight. Also, 2 Dark Sword-grass, 2 Rush Veneer, Silver Y, Diamond-back, 3 Cypress Pug & 3 Pine Leaf-mining Moths.
Fri 6th September 2013 08:10 by Les Hill

5-Sept Sugar

East Lulworth

Decided to do some sugaring before the temperature takes a tumble and was rewarded with 16 species; the highlights being singles of Mormo maura Old Lady and Abrostola triplasia Dark Spectacle.

Thu 5th September 2013 21:54 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 4th Sept 13
Just 120 of 36 species including Scalloped Oak, Silver Y, Spectacle, Tawny-speckled Pug, Yellow Shell, Light Emerald, Turnip Moth, Ringed China-mark - 11.2 degsC
Thu 5th September 2013 10:00 by Will Bown
4th September - Winterborne Stickland
A second night with very slim pickings.  Among the 30 or so species on the wing were: Dark Sword-grass, Pale Mottled Willow, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Double-striped Pug, Straw Dot, Angle Shades, Feathered Gothic and Dusky Thorn.  Micros represented by just Celypha lacunana, Agriphila geniculea, Garden Pebble, Common Plume and Light Brown Apple Moth.
Thu 5th September 2013 08:12 by Les Hill

4-Sept 125W MV (Highlights)

East Lulworth

  • Pyrausta despicata 1
  • Udea ferrugalis Rusty Dot Pearl 1
  • Nomophila noctuella Rush Veneer 1
  • Nephopterix angustella 1
  • Rhodometra sacraria Vestal 1
  • Ennomos quercinaria August Thorn 1
  • Agrotis ipsilon Dark Sword-grass 3
  • Autographa gamma Silver Y 16
  • Schrankia costaestrigalis Pinion-streaked Snout 1
Wed 4th September 2013 21:23 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 3rd Sept 13
Around 150 of 35 Species including Frosted Orange, Yellow Shell, sm Dusty Wave, Pebble Hook-tip, Centre-barred Sallow, Herald, Gold Spot, Copper Underwing, 9 Common Marbled Carpet, Ringed China-mark, Dusky / September / Canary-shouldered Thorn, Angle-shades - 12 degsC
Wed 4th September 2013 18:23 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 3/9
Pretty dire here, Mouse Moth the best I could muster.
Tue 3rd September 2013 22:30 by Les Hill


A couple of notables via email from Geoffrey Sell: Eublemma purpurina Beautiful Marbled on 26-Aug and Hyles Gallii Bedstraw Hawk-moth on 2-Sept.

Tue 3rd September 2013 22:06 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 2nd September 13
Around 180 of 50 species including Common Marbled / Flame / Green Carpet, Dusky / Canary-shouldered Thorn, Centre-barred Sallow, Pebble Hook-tip, Scorched Wing, 2 Feathered Gothic, Poplar Hawk, Hypsopygia glaucinalis, Euzophera pinguis, Brown China-mark, 2 Common Plume, Wax Moth (14.6degsC)
Tue 3rd September 2013 17:23 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 2/9
Quiet still with the current clear skies. Best were Pyrausta despicata (2) and Centre-barred Sallow.
Tue 3rd September 2013 17:04 by Les Hill

2-Sept 125W MV (Highlights)

East Lulworth

Mompha locupletella of interest.


Xanthorhoe fluctuata form thules Garden Carpet sitting on top of the Butterfly Conservation trap this morning.

Tue 3rd September 2013 11:31 by Will Bown
2nd September - Winterborne Stickland
Another typical mixed but routine selection, with only two immigrants: single Dark Sword-grass and Silver Y.  The rest were much as expected and included the likes of: Dusky Thorn, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Green Carpet, Lime-speck Pug, Spectacle, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Feathered Gothic, Treble-bar, Lychnis, Pale Mottled Willow, Snout, Straw Dot, Parsnip and Purple Bar.
Tue 3rd September 2013 11:06 by Clive Pinder
Chickerell 2nd September
Catch of 178 moths was dominated by Setaceous Hebrew Character (43) Flounced Rustic (24) and Vine's Rustic (22); migrants were represented by just a single Udea ferrugalis and 2 Dark Sword-grass; also of interest were Cypress Carpet, Yellow Belle and 2 White-point.
Mon 2nd September 2013 20:38 by Phyl England
Swanage(Durlston) 1st September
Again MV trap filled to the brim and actinic less so but still lots of moths. Nothing different though-most notable in numbers were 89 Dark Sword Grass in MV and 35 in actinic. Most interesting were Pretty Chalk Carpet (2), Purple Bar (2), Jersey Tiger (4) ,Chinese character (2) , White-point (7), Feathered Gothic, Orange Swift (9),Copper Underwing and Oak hook-tip. Also Rush Veneer(5) and Rusty Dot Pearl (2) .
Mon 2nd September 2013 18:00 by Les Hill
1-Sept 125W MV (Highlight) Kingcombe Centre DWT
Was asked to look through their moth trap this morning as part of Butterfly Conservation's 'Munching Caterpillars' training event and among a low turnout of normal late-summer species, a single red form Xestia castanea Neglected Rustic; without doubt a dispersing individual.
Mon 2nd September 2013 10:32 by Will Bown
1st September - Winterborne Stickland
A rise in temperature again and some cloud cover brought them out in better numbers.  Mostly routine species again, but among those on the wing were: White-point, several Dark Sword-grass, Angle Shades, Feathered Gothic, Lesser Yellow Underwing, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Dusky Thorn, Purple Bar, Lychnis, Mouse Moth, and at dusk a Hummingbird Hawk nectaring on Buddleia davidii and honeysuckle.
Sun 1st September 2013 11:19 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 31/8
Numbers well down, only species worth a mention were Feathered Gothic and Dark Spectacle.
Sun 1st September 2013 10:59 by Paul Harris
Abbotsbury Toilets 1/9/13
Channel Islands Pug (3), Feathered Gothic, Dark Sword-grass and a smattering of commoner species.
Sun 1st September 2013 09:34 by Will Bown
31st August - Winterborne Stickland
A sudden drop in temperature soon after dark to 7C with a clear sky. The numbers fell sharply, and with the exception of a single Dark Sword-grass representing the immigrants, the 80+ others were all local and regular species.