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current posts

Sun 31st August 2014 23:04 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 30th August
Similar numbers here, with total 158 of 29 species: Purple Bar, Common & C M Carpet, Sm Phoenix, Lime-speck Pug, Straw Dot, Snout, Angle Shades, Burnished Brass, Sm Dusty Wave.  Micros: Agonopterix heracliana, Acleris variegana, Celypha lacunana (9.5 degs C)
Sun 31st August 2014 17:32 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 30.8.14 125W MV
Slim pickings on a cool night: 82 individuals of 29 species.  Of interest were singles of Udea ferrugalis, Oak Hook-tip, Small Dusty Wave and Yellow-barred Brindle.
Sun 31st August 2014 09:27 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 30 August
A colder night with far fewer species - 28.  A very fresh Feathered Gothic was the best of the bunch.
Sat 30th August 2014 11:39 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 29th August
The tally of 200+ brought pretty much routine fare again.  The now regular White-point (2), plus Lychnis, Gold Spot, Angle Shades, Turnip, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Hedge Rustic typical of the larger moths, and Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix was hardly a highlight among the few micros.  The likes of Rush Veneer, Dark Sword-grass, Vestal and Pearly Underwing completely non existent here so far.
Sat 30th August 2014 09:11 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 29 August
A warm night with no rain.  41 species.  1 Rush Veneer, 1 Rusty-dot Pearl and 2 White-point (but I guess they're residents).  FFY 1 Frosted Orange.  Shuttle-shaped Dart are back.  2 beautiful Flame Carpets and a Svensson's Copper Underwing.
Fri 29th August 2014 22:01 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 28th August
Increase to around 200 of 34 species: Canary-shouldered & Dusky Thorn, Light Emerald, Ruby Tiger, Bulrush Wainscot, Bright-line Brown-eye, Orange Swift, C M Carpet, 45 Lg Yellow Underwing, FFY Feathered Gothic. Micros included: Eucosma cana, Udea ferrugalis, Nomophila noctuella, Agriphila tristella, Emmelina monodactyla
Fri 29th August 2014 12:17 by Alan Bernard
Coryates 28th August
Possible immigrants or local Vestal (pink form) and Delicate .
Fri 29th August 2014 11:50 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 28th August
A nice variety again but nothing especially unusual for the time of year.  Among the micros were: Small China-mark, Udea ferrugalis, Epinotia immundana and Plutella xylostella, and Silver Y, Lesser Yellow Underwing, White-point, Old Lady, Cabbage, Canary-shouldered Thorn and Hedge Rustic among the larger moths.
Fri 29th August 2014 10:44 by Clive Pinder
Chickerell August 28th
The first Lunar Underwing of the year. Otherwise all routine species, with only a Pale Mottled Willow and 2 White-point just about worth a mention.
Fri 29th August 2014 10:30 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 28 August
Warm with heavy showers.  41 species.  1 Rush Veneer, 2 Rusty-dot Pearl and and 1 male Four-spotted Footman. Also 1 male Pale Eggar.
Fri 29th August 2014 10:08 by Andy Millar
Durlston CP - 28.08.14
Not much due to the weather.  All very much the usual species, but Annulet was nice to find. 2 Rusty-dot Pearls and a Diamond-backed Moth was the representation from the migrants.
Thu 28th August 2014 21:37 by Gwyneth Cheesman
Seen in the same garden as the first and larger Ingrailed Clay found five hours before. The wings of this second Ingrailed Clay were considerably lighter in colour than the thorax, and lighter than those of that in the earlier sighting.
Thu 28th August 2014 21:04 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 27/8
Pearly Underwing the best here.
Thu 28th August 2014 14:31 by Gwyneth Cheesman
After doing some pruning and dead-heading in our front garden, which abuts the recreation ground, and is surrounded by bushes and hedgerows, and all the kind of appropriate habitats for the ingrailed clay, I began putting the waste into the garden recycling bin, and out flew a tiny moth. It settled on the side of the bin on the inside where it was easily visible. Pity I didn't have my camera with me. My husband and I believe that it was an Ingrailed Clay, yellowish orange. I gently encouraged it to fly. It fluttered around, then settled again on the inner side of the bin. I have now left the bin top open so that the moth can move on.
Thu 28th August 2014 11:20 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 27th August
Still the slightest trickle of immigrants here, with Diamond-back Moth and White-point among a varied assortment, which also included: Willow Beauty, Copper Underwing, Maiden's Blush, Treble-bar, Purple Bar, Scorched Carpet, Pebble Hook-tip and Dusky Thorn.  Resident micros included: Ringed China-mark, Acleris laterana/comariana, Caloptilia syringella and Cydia splendana.
Thu 28th August 2014 10:53 by Phyl England
Swanage (Durlston ) 27th August
A very disappointing trap except for Latticed Heath (2) on a rather wet night. This was only the second time I have recorded them in the garden . Also Rusty - dot Pearl (5) and singles of Silver Y and White-point.
Thu 28th August 2014 07:58 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 27th August
316 moths of 54 species. Of note was Udea ferrugalis (7), Ostrinia nubialis, Peach Blossom, Vestal, Four-spotted Footman (1m & 1f), Jersey Tiger, White-point (12), Small Rufous, Cream-bordered Green Pea, Silver Y & Dark Spectacle.
Wed 27th August 2014 20:45 by Andy Millar
Worth Matravers - Car Park
Found on the toilet block wall today:

Galium Carpet (2), Flounced Rustic (8), Feathered Ranunculus (1) and Square-spot Rustic (1).  Also, a Hummingbird Hawkmoth along the coastpath between St Alhelm's Head and Winspit.

Wed 27th August 2014 19:07 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 26/8
Lesser Wax Moth (Achroia grisella) the highlight here, a new species for me.

1426 Achroia grisella 02 Copyright: Paul Harris

Wed 27th August 2014 13:09 by Andy Millar
Durlston CP - 26.08.14
Still not much on the migrant front, but of interest from just 24 spp; Clay Triple-lines (1), Ostrinia nubilalis (1), Rusty-dot Pearl (1), Plutella xylostella (1), Scorched Carpet (1), Common Carpet (1), Large Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (1), Large Yellow Underwing numbers up a bit at 23.
Wed 27th August 2014 11:53 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 26th August
It looked like a fairly promising night, but in the end just 30 species, and less than 200 in total.  Immigrants represented only by a single tired-looking White-point and Udea ferrugalis.  Among the rest were: second generation Purple Bar, with Pebble Hook-tip, Copper Underwing (agg.), and Old Lady (2).
Wed 27th August 2014 08:17 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 26th August
Smaller numbers again, with 204 moths of 42 species. Of note were Udea ferrugalis (4), Galium Carpet, Purple Bar, & Tawny Shears.
Tue 26th August 2014 14:40 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 25th August
Much better numbers, though immigration still almost non-existent.  Micros included: Beautiful Plume, Udea ferrugalis, Acleris laterana/comariana and the rather scarce Crambid Agriphila latistria, an unexpected addition to our list, seemingly favouring more coastal areas and heathland.  Larger moths included: White-point, Old Lady, Least Yellow Underwing and Copper Underwing among an otherwise fairly routine selection.

1307 Agriphila latistria 02 Copyright: Will Bown, Aug 2014

Tue 26th August 2014 14:30 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 21st August
Tue 26th August 2014 11:18 by Alan Bernard
Coryates 24 August
Relatively large numbers of few,28, common late summer macro species. Low numbers ( 5 ) of Large Yellow Underwing, as has been the case here for the last few weeks. New to me though was Acleris comariana (Strawberry Tortrix). Trap was placed by chance next to strawberry plants.
Tue 26th August 2014 10:49 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 25th August
Numbers picking up a bit, with 323 moths of 50 species, with new for recorder Hedge Rustic. Also, Jersey Tiger (2), Four-spotted Footman, Straw Underwing, Gold Spot, White-point (7), Plutella xylostella, Scoparia subfusca & Udea ferrugalis (20).
Mon 25th August 2014 21:15 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 24/8
Moderate moth numbers, but the trap contents were rather drab both in variety and colour. The only bright spots were provided by a second generation Cream-bordered Green Pea and a Bordered Beauty.
Mon 25th August 2014 09:21 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 24th August
A much warmer night and quite wet conditions brought the moths to the light in good numbers, including 20 Setaceous Hebrew Characters! 24 species identified including 1 Chinese Character, 1 Rusty-dot Pearl, 1 Dusky Thorn, 1 Silver Y, 3 Double-striped Pug, 1 Green Carpet, 1 Dark Arches, 1 Agriphela geniculea, 1 Garden Pebble.
Sun 24th August 2014 18:37 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 23rd August
13 species including 1 Dusky Thorn, 1 Orange Swift
Sun 24th August 2014 18:35 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 22nd August
12 species including 1 Burnished Brass, 1 Common Marbled Carpet
Sun 24th August 2014 10:52 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 23rd August
Further fall to 7.2 degs C with total of 40 / 13 species: Six-striped, Square-spot & Flounced Rustic, Spectacle, Large & Lssr B/B Yellow Underwing, Set Hebrew Character, Brimstone, Flame Shoulder. Micros: Apriphila tristella, Acleris lat/com agg, Cochylimorpha straminea (Anthrophila fabriciana in gdn this am)
Sat 23rd August 2014 18:10 by Andy Millar
Durlston CP - 22.08.14
Still not much migrant activity on another cold and clear night.  Nonetheless: Rusty-dot Pearl (1), Six-striped Rustic (1), Spectacle (1), Pearly Underwing (1) and White Point (1) were of interest.
Sat 23rd August 2014 10:04 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 22nd August
Still very chilly, with only 71 moths of 21 species. Of note Light Emerald, 4 Orange Swift & Udea ferrugalis. Also, by day, a male Oak Eggar.
Fri 22nd August 2014 10:58 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 21st August
A much milder night and numbers up at least a bit.  Pammene aurita was a new record, and among the other micros were: Beautiful Plume, Garden Pebble, Agriphila geniculea and Caloptilia syringella.  Larger moths included: Six-striped Rustic and Swallow Prominent.  Thirty-five species in total.
Fri 22nd August 2014 10:39 by Clive Pinder
Chickerell 21/08
Swammerdamia pyralella, a new garden record, , 3 Udea ferrugalis and FFY Yellow-barred Brindle among the 30 spp here last night.
Thu 21st August 2014 22:11 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 21/8
Humming-bird Hawk Moth found in the kitchen this evening, plus a Rusty-dot Pearl in the hallway!
Thu 21st August 2014 11:35 by Andy Millar
Durlston CP - 20.08.14
Delicate (1), Chinese Character (1), Silver Y (1), Rusty-dot Pearl (10), Swallow Prominent (1), White Point (1), Lychnis (1), Pyrausta despicata (1), Tachystola acroxantha (1) and Rush Veneer disturbed from long grass amongst the usual fayre.
Thu 21st August 2014 09:56 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 20th August
Only 19 species in total including: Copper Underwing (agg), a couple of Silver Y and a pristine Buff Ermine.  The only micros were: Common Plume, Mother of Pearl, Garden Pebble and Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix.
Wed 20th August 2014 21:52 by Paul Harris
Parley 18/8
Blairs's Mocha taken at MV light by Captain P Baker.

1678 Blair's Mocha 07 Copyright: Mike Hetherington

Wed 20th August 2014 17:09 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 19th August
Total 38 with 11 Macro / 3 Micro species including: Lssr Swallow Prominent, Common Wainscot, Flounced, Six-striped & Vine's Rustic, Spectacle, Set Hebrew Character, Shuttle-shaped Dart, A.tristella, Epiphyas postvittana, Udea ferrugalis (7 degs C)
Wed 20th August 2014 11:53 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 19th August
Another cool night and almost a non-event with just 12 species. Old Lady the only one worth a mention.
Tue 19th August 2014 21:38 by Terry Box
Weymouth Relief Road cutting, on Saturday, 16th August
The following moths were recorded on a BC guided walk on the Weymouth Relief Road cutting, SY672858, on Saturday, 16th August.
2 Hummingbird Hawk-moth and a Silver Y
per John M Elliott.
Tue 19th August 2014 18:10 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 18th August
22 species to Actinic light. Highlights were Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet & White-point. Also Udea ferrugalis.
Tue 19th August 2014 13:41 by Andy Millar
Durlston CP - 18.08.14
A few more moths than a couple of nights ago.  24 spp/79 moths: Sharp-angled Peacock (2), Oak Eggar (1), Purple Bar (1), Small Square-spot (1), White Point (3), Endothenia oblongana (1) and Agnopterix arenella (1) of interest.
Tue 19th August 2014 10:17 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 18th August
Numbers down again on a colder night with largely clear sky.  Just 19 species including: Udea ferrugalis, Silver Y, Agriphila geniculea, Ringed China-mark, Cabbage and Least Yellow Underwing.
Tue 19th August 2014 08:59 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 18th August
18 species including 1 Poplar Hawkmoth, 3 Common Wainscot, 1 Canary-shouldered Thorn, 1 Dusky Thorn
Mon 18th August 2014 17:31 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 17th August
Nothing beyond singles of Udea ferrugalis and Silver Y as far as immigration goes, while among the rest were: Ypsolopha dentella and Agriphila geniculea, plus Dusky Thorn, Magpie, Small Waved Umber and Lime-speck Pug among the 38 species logged.
Mon 18th August 2014 08:17 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 17th August
14 species including 1 Dusky Thorn, 1 Orange Swift and 1 Common Carpet
Mon 18th August 2014 08:15 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 16th August
Poor numbers and only 16 species including 1 Common Wainscot and 1 Acleris latorana
Sun 17th August 2014 14:36 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 16th August
Numbers improving again with 237 of 50 species logged.  Several Udea ferrugalis and Silver Y representing the (still very few) immigrants, plus Cydia splendana, Catoptria falsella, Caloptilia syringella, Ypsolopha dentella and Bryotropha senectella.  Larger moths included: Swallow Prominent, a beautifully marked Maiden's Blush, plus Lime-speck Pug and Yellow-barred Brindle.
Sun 17th August 2014 13:12 by Andy Millar
Durlston CP - 16.08.14
An almost empty trap at the castle this morning.  Just 5 moths!  1 Large Yellow Underwing, 3 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwings and 1 Cochylis molliculana. Andy M.
Sat 16th August 2014 13:00 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 15th August
Just around 130 of 35 species: Yellow Shell, Swallow & Coxcomb Prominent, 2 Orange Swift, 3 Angle Shades, 4 Dusky Thorn, Marbled Green, Lssr B/B Yellow & Lg Yellow U/Wing, H & Dart, Set Hebrew Character. Micros: 5 Udea ferrugalis, Emmelina monodactyla, A.variegana (11.5 degs C)
Sat 16th August 2014 12:37 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 15th August
A better night. A nice variety, and a few immigrants too.  A single Cydia amplana turned up along with a half dozen Udea ferrugalisBeautiful Plume, Pyrausta aurata, Acleris laterana/comariana and the Garden Rose Tortrix (Acleris variegana) were among the other micros. Larger moths included: Dusky Thorn, and many second generation moths including: Treble-bar, Green Carpet, Vine's Rustic, Burnished Brass, Common Marbled Carpet, Spectacle and Blood-vein.
Fri 15th August 2014 10:47 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 14th August
Still less than inspiring with just 22 species. Common Plume, Rusty-dot Pearl, Agriphila geniculea barely worth a mention, and Blood-vein, Green Carpet and Willow Beauty the 'highlights' from the few larger moths.
Thu 14th August 2014 18:14 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 13/8
Another 2 Cydia amplana worth a mention, plus Purple Bar.
Thu 14th August 2014 15:07 by Phyl England
Swanage (Durlston) 13th Aug
First Rosy Rustic of year.First for garden wasLatticed Heath A rather late-for me- fresh Elephant Hawkmoth and Sharp-angled Peacock and Orange Swift. Four Jersey Tiger, 14 Rusty-dot Pearl, 2 Silver Y and singles of Four-spotted Footman, Cydia amplana, and Palpita vitrealis.
Thu 14th August 2014 14:29 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 13th August
168 moths of 42 species. Of note, Nomophila noctuella, Udea ferrugalis (5), Orange Swift (2), Oak Eggar, Yellow-barred Brindle, Four-spotted Footman (4) & Jersey Tiger (5).
Wed 13th August 2014 14:50 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 12th August
130 of 36 species: Sm Waved Umber, Six-striped Rustic, Common Wainscot, Gold Spot, Willow Beauty, 9 Spectacle, 4 Common Swift, 2 Currant Pug.  10 Micro species: Amblyptilia acanthadactyla, Emmelina monodactyla, Acleris com/laterana & variegana, Celypha lacunana, Evergestis forficalis, 5 Udea ferrugalis (11.2 degs C)
Wed 13th August 2014 11:57 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 12th August
A Hummingbird Hawk-moth briefly visited the garden at dusk but the traps were disappointing again.  Scrobipalpa costella, Yspolopha dentella and Plutella porrectella represented the micros, and Coxcomb Prominent, Vine's Rustic, Purple Bar, Rosy Rustic and Small Phoenix were among the larger moths.
Wed 13th August 2014 07:24 by David Foot
Wyke Regis,Weymouth
Cydia amplana still around, 3 worn examples and a mullein wave best from 2 practically empty traps.
Tue 12th August 2014 10:53 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 11th August
Not quite a non-event but very little return on a cool night under a big moon.  Straw Underwing, Beautiful Plume, Double-striped Pug and Lychnis among the few species present.
Tue 12th August 2014 08:59 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 11th August
Another poor night with 13 species, including 1 Purple Bar, 1 Buff Footman, 1 Acleris variegana
Mon 11th August 2014 22:25 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 10th August
Fall in number to 60 of 21 species: Angle Shades, Bright-line Brown-eye, Magpie, Spectacle, Dusky Thorn, Silver Y, Common Wave.  Micros: 6 species: Celypha lacunana, Udea ferrugalis, Evergestis forficalis, Eudonia mercurella, E.postvittana, A.tristella (13.2 degs C / Full moon, breezy)
Mon 11th August 2014 11:21 by Phyl England
Swanage (Durlston) 10th Aug
Yellow Belle the only new one for the year on a very windy night. Also White-point (4), Silver Y (2) , Rusty-dot Pearl (5) and singles ofRush veneer, Jersey Tiger and Cydia amplana.
Mon 11th August 2014 10:48 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 10th August
Just 33 species including: Cloaked Minor, Purple Bar, Early Thorn and Pale Mottled Willow, with Beautiful Plume, Yponomeuta plumbella and Udea ferrugalis among the few micros on offer.
Mon 11th August 2014 09:06 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 10th August
poor night with only 14 species including a first with Acrobasis advenella.
Sun 10th August 2014 10:35 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 9/8
Best here the pyrale Sitochroa palealis, only my second ever. Otherwise just Pinion-streaked Snout worth a mention.
Sun 10th August 2014 10:30 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 9th August
38 species including 1 female Ghost Moth, 1 Flame Carpet, 1 Silver Y, 1 Purple Bar, 1 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 2 Single-dotted Wave, 1 Orange Swift
Sun 10th August 2014 00:30 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 8th August
Just around 160 of 50 species: Canary-shouldered, September & Dusky Thorn, G/Dk Dagger agg., Silver Y, Peach Blossom, Gold Spot, Black Arches with FFY Bulrush Wainscot, Yellow Shell and FFG 2 Jersey Tigers.  10 Micro species inc: Celypha lacunana, Eucosma cana, Cydia pomonella, Udea ferrugalis, Plutella xylostella (11.2 degs C/no rain)
Sat 9th August 2014 18:16 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 8th August
25 species including 1 female Oak Eggar, 3 Rusty Dot Pearl, 1 Rosy Rustic, 1 Pale Prominent, 1 Flounced Rustic.
Fri 8th August 2014 22:59 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 7th August
230 of 50 species including: Phoenix, Mouse Moth, Cabbage Moth, Six-striped Rustic, Rosy & Flounced Rustic, Oak Eggar, Marbled Green, Shuttle-shaped Dart, 2 Gold Spot & Silver Y, 12 Spectacle.  Micros: Celypha lacunana, Udea ferrugalis, Nomophila noctuella, Pleuroptya ruralis, Agriphila tristella, Evergestis forficalis (11.2 degs C)
Fri 8th August 2014 07:05 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 7/8
Best here the pyrale Catoptria falsella, plus Small Rufous and only my third ever Clouded Buff. The late date of this maybe implies it is not of local origin?
Thu 7th August 2014 22:18 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 6th August
Around 300 of 60 species: Gold Spot, Dusky Thorn, Common Swift, Mocha, Iron Prominent, Sm Phoenix, Scorched, Flame & Red Twin-spot Carpet, Maiden's Blush, Angle Shades, Lychnis, Plain Golden & Silver Y, Rosy Rustic, Set Hebrew Character.  Amongst micros: Carcina quercana, Acrobasis advenella, Udea ferrugalis, Nomophila noctuella, Pleuroptya ruralis, Evergestis forficalis, Euzophera pinguis, Eudonia mercurella, Catoptria falsella (12.7 degsC)
Thu 7th August 2014 21:00 by Jack Oughton
Abbotsbury Swanner 6th August (w. Mike Hetherington)
527 moths of 110 species. Of note were Metzneria lappella, Pine Leaf-mining Moth (2), Pammene aurita (9), Rusty-dot Pearl (9), Endothenia quadrimaculana, Adaina microdactyla (3), Mocha, Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet, Channel Islands Pug (2), Waved Umber (second generation?), Four-spotted Footman (m & f - 7), Six-striped Rustic, Southern Wainscot, Brown-veined Wainscot, Small Rufous (12), Cream-bordered Green Pea (3), Gold Spot (2), & Pinion-streaked Snout (3).
Thu 7th August 2014 16:26 by Phyl England
Swanage(Durlston) 5th and 6th August
The heavy rain from 11pm on 5th seemed to bring less moths but a larger variety of species.  Highlights were first for garden Gold Spot and Webb's Wainscot] Also Mullein Wave, Orange Swift and Swallow Prominent. Migrants were Four-spotted Footman (2), White-point, Silver Y,(3), Rusty-dot Pearl(4) and Cydia amplana. Last night with just the actinic trap notable were the second Mocha this year and Jersey Tiger (4).
Thu 7th August 2014 10:47 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 6th August
Still pretty quiet, just Rusty-dot Pearl, Orange Swift, Least Yellow Underwing, and Beautiful Plume of interest.
Thu 7th August 2014 08:08 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 6/8
Best here a Galium Carpet, can't remember the last one I caught. Also another 2 Cydia amplana.
Thu 7th August 2014 06:53 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 6th August
15W Actinic: 102 moths of 48 sp. Of note were Diamond-back Moth, Agriphila selasella, Rusty-dot Pearl (3), Oak Eggar (2), Satin Wave, Scorched Carpet, Jersey Tiger (3), Four-spotted Footman (5),
Wed 6th August 2014 22:21 by Richard Cottle
Tincleton, 5th August
Over 250 moths of 70 species, despite the heavy rain. No species of particular note, although some migrant activity evident with 4 Diamondback, 1 Rush Veneer, 5 Rusty Dot Pearl, 1 Gem, 1 Dark Sword-grass and 2 Silver Y. Also good numbers of 4-spotted footman still (17), although difficult to know whether these were migrants, locals or a mix of both.
Tue 5th August 2014 23:12 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 4 August 2014 125W MV
157 individuals of 49 species (so far).  Highlights were Least Carpet and Channel Islands Pug (both new for this observer).  FFY included: Agriphila geniculea, Oak Eggar, Dusky Thorn, Jersey Tiger and Gold Spot.  Migrants: Udea ferrugalis (4) and Silver Y (1).
Tue 5th August 2014 13:55 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 4th August
Total of 90 / 45 species: Yellow-tail, Blood-vein, Spectacle, Plain & Beautiful Golden Y, Herald, S-A Peacock, Canary-shouldered & September Thorn, Magpie, Set Hebrew Character, Flame & Common Carpet, Coronet, Single-dotted Wave Micros: Acleris variegana & com/lat agg, Amblyptilia punctidactyla, Evergestis forficalis, Udea lutealis (13.3 degs C)
Tue 5th August 2014 08:49 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 4th August
Numbers still low here with just 31 species including: Hypsopygia glaucinalis, Cydia fagiglandana and a single Rusty-dot Pearl, plus Lesser Swallow Prominent, Flounced Rustic and Lychnis.  The total from two traps was just 74.
Tue 5th August 2014 08:36 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 4th August
246 moths of 72 species. New for recorder was a Channel Island Pug. Immigrants were Dark Spectacle, 2 Rusty-dot Pearl, Evergestis extimalis & Willow Ermine. On the resident front, Ghost Moth, Prays ruficeps, Chalk Carpet, 2 Flame Carpet, Maple Pug, Jersey Tiger & 23 Four-spotted Footman were of note.
Mon 4th August 2014 20:34 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 3/8
Two more Cydia amplana.
Mon 4th August 2014 19:34 by Jack Oughton
Hardy's Monument
By day at Hardy's Monument, larvae of Sallow Kitten & Pebble Prominent.
Mon 4th August 2014 13:03 by Clive Pinder
Chickerell August 3rd
The first garden record of Mocha was the highlight in a catch of 41 spp. Nothing else of note.
Mon 4th August 2014 10:23 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 3rd August
241 moths of 65 species. Of note were Prays ruficeps, Cydia amplana, Rusty-dot Pearl (7), Flame Carpet, Jersey Tiger (5), Four-spotted Footman (10), Sallow Kitten & Dark Spectacle.
Mon 4th August 2014 00:52 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 2nd August
Around 140 of 40 species: Angle Shades, Oak Eggar, Scalloped Oak, Dusky & Canary-shouldered Thorn, Gold Spot, Purple Bar, Sharp-angled Peacock, Black Arches, Dot Moth, with FFY Orange Swift.  Micros: Evergestis forficalis, Pandemis hepararia, Euzophera pinguis, Acleris later/com, Acrobasis sauvella, Eudonia mercurella & lacustrata (2 to ID)
Sun 3rd August 2014 12:28 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 2nd August
Numbers well down with just 28 species including: Maiden's Blush, Lesser Swallow Prominent, Blood-vein and Early Thorn, Ruby Tiger, Sharp-angled Peacock and Rosy Rustic, plus Cydia fagiglandana and a Red Admiral.
Sat 2nd August 2014 18:00 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 1/8/14
Best here were 2 migrant Cydia amplana. Also another Mocha, presumably from the Field Maple tree at the end of my garden.
Sat 2nd August 2014 16:48 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 1st August
Two hours 125MV over sheet / 30 species: Purple Bar, Marbled Green (pale), Sm Rivulet, Ruby Tiger, Coronet, Set Hebrew Character, Common Carpet, Oak Eggar, Sm Square-spot FFG Narrow-winged Pug, Sm Wainscot.  Inc within total 10 micro species: Euzophera pinguis, Celypha striana, Cydia splendana, Pleuroptya ruralis, Emmelina monodactyla
Sat 2nd August 2014 08:57 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 1st August
43 species including 2 Mocha, 1 Sharp-angled Peacock, 1 Tawny Speckled Pug and 1 Rusty Dot Pearl
Fri 1st August 2014 19:10 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 31st July
45 species including 3 Sharp-angled Peacock, 1 Oak Eggar (female), 1 Canary-shouldered Thorn, 1 Mocha and 1 Six-striped Rustic
Fri 1st August 2014 18:35 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 31/7
Marked improvement over last few nights, mainly due to the cloud cover. Best were: Barred Rivulet, Flame Carpet, Gothic, Mouse Moth, Gold Spot and Maple Pug (2).
Fri 1st August 2014 18:33 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 29/7
Apomyelois bistriatella (2).
Fri 1st August 2014 16:54 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 31st July
94 species, with new for recorder being the long overdue Purple Bar. NFY were Epermenia falcifornis, Bryotropha domestica & Agriphila geniculea. Also of note Jersey Tiger (5), Oak Eggar (2), Poplar Hawk-moth, Silver Y (2), Four-spotted Footman (22), Diamond-back Moth, Rusty-dot Pearl (2), Prays ruficeps (8) & Phycitodes maritima.
Fri 1st August 2014 13:46 by Will Bown
Winterborne Stickland - 31st July
Among the overnight visitors were: Cochylis hybridella, the apparently rare and local Gelechiid Stenolechia gemmella, the beautiful Marbled Green, plus Broad-barred White, Sharp-angled Peacock, Lychnis, Ruby Tiger and Yellow-tail.

2295 Marbled Green 03 Copyright: Will Bown

Fri 1st August 2014 00:18 by Jack Oughton
31st July
Netting at Badbury Rings produced several species, of note Stenoptilia zophodactylus, & White-spotted Pug (both NFR). Also a Silver Y & Dusky Sallow.