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current posts

Fri 30th September 2016 20:51 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 29 September
Just 12 species, including: Pale Mottled Willow, Black Rustic, Silver Y, Lssr Yellow Underwing, with ffy Red Underwing and Barred Sallow
Fri 30th September 2016 18:27 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 29/9
Gold Spot and Red Underwing the best here.
Fri 30th September 2016 17:45 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 29th September
10 species including 1 Barred Sallow, 2 Black Rustic and 1 very welcome Bordered Beauty.
Fri 30th September 2016 17:43 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 28th September
11 species including 1 Light Emerald and 1 Sallow.
Thu 29th September 2016 20:46 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 28/9
White Speck, Large Wainscot and Turnip.
Thu 29th September 2016 10:09 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 28.9.16 125W MV
41 individuals of 16 species. Best was FFY Feathered Brindle (2). Only migrants were singles of ferrugalis, noctuella and Silver Y.
Wed 28th September 2016 17:50 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 27/9
First Clancy's Rustic of the autumn the only notable moth in a poor catch.
Wed 28th September 2016 11:31 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 27th September
17 species including singles of Large Wainscot, Barred Sallow, Light Emerald, Sallow, Black Rustic, Delicate. A good night for the time of year.
Tue 27th September 2016 17:01 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 26th September
Numbers of species slowly falling, 15 species including singles of Black Rustic, Barred Sallow, Sallow, Angle Shades. The Sallow species were a delight to see.
Tue 27th September 2016 09:49 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 27.9.16 125W MV
Expected better on a mild night.  Only 13 species including FFY Barred Sallow and Feathered Ranunculus. Sole migrant interest was a single Silver Y.
Mon 26th September 2016 11:57 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 25th September
18 species including 2 Black Rustic, 1 Large Ranunculus, 3 Rosy Rustic, 1 Light Emerald, 1 Angle Shades, 1 Sallow.
Sun 25th September 2016 14:24 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 24/9
Worth a mention were: Red Underwing, Vapourer, Feathered Brindle and Caloptilia semifascia.
Sun 25th September 2016 12:26 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 24th September
17 species including 1 Barred Sallow, 1 Angle Shades, 2 Sallow, 2 Rosy Rustic and 81 Lunar Underwing!
Sat 24th September 2016 23:18 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 23 September
Just 13 species, with: Large Ranunculus, Centre-barred Sallow, Carcina quercana, Eudonia angustea, ffy 2 Beaded Chestnut
Sat 24th September 2016 21:57 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 23/9
Palpita vitrealis and Dark Spectacle the best of a rather poor bunch here.
Sat 24th September 2016 11:58 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 23rd September
18 species including 1 Dusky Thorn, 3 Rosy Rustic, 1 Sallow, 1 Ostrinia nubilalis and still a high count of 45 Lunar Underwings.
Fri 23rd September 2016 13:28 by Andrew Brown
Morcombelake - Clifden Nonpareil (Catocala fraxini)
Been on holiday this week in Morcombelake had the trap out most nights nothing spectacular until last night when I had the magnificent Clifden Nonpareil (Catocala fraxini), will post all my records to Living record over the weekend.



Thu 22nd September 2016 21:45 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 21/9
First Barred Sallow and Sallow of the autumn here.
Thu 22nd September 2016 08:58 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 21st September
19 species including singles of Light Emerald, Dusky Thorn, Pale Eggar, Double-striped Pug, Spectacle.
Wed 21st September 2016 17:45 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 20/9
Best here were Feathered Brindle, Small Wainscot and Galium Carpet. Also Red Underwing, Frosted Orange, Dark Spectacle and Pinion-streaked Snout.
Wed 21st September 2016 10:38 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 20th September
21 species including 2 Pale Eggar, 1 Large Ranunculus and 76 Lunar Underwings!
Tue 20th September 2016 12:04 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 19th September
21 species including 1 Centre-barred Sallow, 1 Sallow, 2 Large Ranunculus, 3 Dusky Thorn.
Tue 20th September 2016 00:50 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 18 September 2016
21 species, including: Pale Eggar, Angle Shades, Frosted Orange, 6 Lssr Yellow Underwing, Eudonia angustea.  Ffy Engrailed, Black Rustic (and Grey Dagger larva)
Sun 18th September 2016 20:38 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 17/9
White Speck and 2 Vapourer.
Sun 18th September 2016 18:22 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 17th September
Scarce Bordered Straw.
Sat 17th September 2016 17:58 by Paul Harris
Preston, Weymouth 16/9
Ricky Lambert trapped a stunning Golden Twin-spot in his actinic trap last night.

2428 Golden Twin-spot 02 Copyright: Paul Harris

Sat 17th September 2016 15:10 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 16th September
Udea ferrugalis , Amblyptilia acanthadactyla , Vestal , a late Short-cloaked Moth , Broad bordered Yellow Underwing , L-album Wainscot , Pinion-streaked Snout.
Fri 16th September 2016 23:18 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 15 September
19 Macro / 5 Micro species: Dark Spectacle, Brindled Green, Frosted Orange, Large Ranunculus, 2 Silver Y, 2 Vestal, Lt Emerald, 2 Pale Eggar, Angle Shades, Broad-bordered Y U/wing / Archips podana, Eudonia angustea, Anthrophila fabricana, Ypsolopha scabrella

14 September 16 Species, including: Feathered Gothic, 3 Lssr Yellow U/wing, 4 Pale Eggar, Green Carpet, 2 Vestal, Silver Y, Plutella porrectella, Catoptria falsella

Fri 16th September 2016 21:04 by Richard Cottle
Tincleton, 15th September
Trap operated up until 12.30ish when our electricity failed in thunderstorm. So, only a few moths in the trap by 6:30am, but one was a Scarce Bordered Straw.
Fri 16th September 2016 20:51 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 15/9
Convolvulus Hawk for the third night in a row, also Vestal, Gem and 50 Silver Y. Best of the residents were Vapourer and Oak Hook-tip.
Fri 16th September 2016 12:52 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 15th Sept
Migrants and notables were Caloptilia semifascia (NFG), Plutella xylostella, Tachystola acroxantha (2), Depressaria douglasella, Ostrinia nubilalis, Udea ferrugalis (5), Nomophila noctuella (9), Oak Hook-tip, Pale Eggar, Vestal (2), Pinion-streaked Snout, Dark Spectacle, & Silver Y (86).
Fri 16th September 2016 11:23 by Geoff Lightfoot
Preston 15th September
Convolvulus Hawkmoth.
Fri 16th September 2016 10:03 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 14th September
21 species including 1 Pale Eggar, 1 Angle Shades, 1 Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing and 1 Black Rustic
Thu 15th September 2016 21:40 by Jack Oughton
15th Sept
An evening Deep Water Soloing session at Portland Bill produced a Epischnia asteris, which was new for me.
Thu 15th September 2016 20:24 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 13+14/9
Convolvulus and Vestal on both nights, plus Oak Hook-tip on the latter and a Caloptilia rufipennella on the former.

0284 Caloptilia rufipennella 03 Copyright: Paul Harris

Thu 15th September 2016 18:56 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 14.9.16 125W MV
Much quieter - only 78 individuals of 25 species.  FFY Frosted Orange and Lunar Underwing. Migrants were U. ferrugalis (2), N. noctuella (2) and Silver Y (3).  Still no Vestals.
Thu 15th September 2016 07:43 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 14 September
2 more Vestal last night.  37 species including a very nice Pale Eggar.
Wed 14th September 2016 18:47 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 13 September
1 Convolvulus Hawkmoth and 1 Vestal. 40 species including two very pretty Grey Pine Carpet.
Wed 14th September 2016 15:31 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 13th Sept
52 species. Highlights and migrants were Caloptilia azaleella (2nd garden record), Tachystola acroxantha (2nd garden record), Udea ferrugalis (6), Nomophila noctuella, Vestal, Pinion-streaked Snout (4th garden record), Dark Spectacle, Silver Y (10), Frosted Orange (2), & Centre-barred Sallow (3).

It's interesting how a short distance can effect species numbers - when I lived in Weymouth (less than 10 miles to Portesham), T. acroxantha was as common as Epiphyas postvittana, trapping them most nights, but here, acroxantha are very uncommon (while postvittana are still very common)

Wed 14th September 2016 09:47 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 13th September
21 species including 1 Centre-barred Sallow, 2 Light Emerald, 1 Chinese Character, 1 Double-striped Pug
Tue 13th September 2016 21:24 by Richard Cottle
Tincleton, 12th September
A warm night and expected an interesting catch, not quite to be though.  Just one Rusty-dot Pearl and a Silver Y representing migrants. Of interest among the residents was a second brood Alder Moth, 9 Ostrinia nubialis and a high count of 21 Light Emeralds.
Tue 13th September 2016 19:19 by Alan Bernard
Coryates 12 Sept
Among 350+ Setaceous Hebrew Characters there was one Yellow Belle; new for the garden and I think new to me.
Tue 13th September 2016 19:01 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 12/9
Rather uninspiring again, the best moth being the Pyralid Oncocera semirubella.
Tue 13th September 2016 11:33 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 12 September
14 Macro / 10 Micro species, with: Lunar Underwing, Common Wainscot, Rosy Rustic, Silver Y, Centre-barred Sallow, ffy Large Ranunculus.  Micros included: E.forficalis, A.variegana, U.ferrugalis, N.noctuella, A.fabricana, A.podana, ffy Obstrinia nubilalis (European Corn-borer), ffg Phyllonorycter leucographella (Firethorn Leaf Miner) - last two yet to be confirmed (min 16 degsC / cloudy, no rain)
Tue 13th September 2016 11:04 by Geoffrey Sell
Only 18 macro species this morning, but there was a Webb's Wainscot, the first I have seen at this site, and a Feathered Ranunculus.
Tue 13th September 2016 10:25 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 12th Sept
58 species, with highlights and migrants being Tinea semifulvella, Udea ferrugalis (7), Nomophila noctuella (2), Oak Hook-tip (NFG), Portland Ribbon Wave (2nd garden record), Silver Y (3), Frosted Orange, Centre-barred Sallow (3), Feathered Ranunculus (NFY) & Dark Sword-grass.

1714 Portland Ribbon Wave 05 Copyright: Jack Oughton

Tue 13th September 2016 07:59 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 12 September
Evidence of migration with 1 Vestal plus 1 Rush Veneer, 3 Rusty-dot Pearl, 1 Dark Sword-grass and 14 Silver Y.  34 species.
Mon 12th September 2016 07:27 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 11 September
The southerly winds didn't bring anything of interest except 7 Silver Y.  Species up to 29!
Sun 11th September 2016 07:44 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 10 September
A chilly night and only 17 species.  But I did see a Vapourer in the garden yesterday which was a new garden moth for me.
Fri 9th September 2016 22:11 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 8/9
A poor night in windy conditions. Best were Red Underwing and Caloptilia semifascia.
Fri 9th September 2016 08:48 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 8 September
A Southern Hawker in one of the traps this morning!  Otherwise not much of interest except 2 Cabbage and FFY Lunar Underwing.  120 Large Yellow Underwing and 89 Setaceous Hebrew Character.
Thu 8th September 2016 19:04 by Colin Burningham
Yetminster 4th September
So great to see a Mocha in September! 34 species including 7 Light Emerald, 1 Double-striped Pug, 1 Mocha, 1 Yellow-barred Brindle.
Thu 8th September 2016 17:34 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 7/9
Best here were Old Lady, Green Carpet, Southern Wainscot, Acleris cristana and Palpita vitrealis.
Thu 8th September 2016 16:43 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 7th Sept
Best here of 66 species was Achroia grisella & Dark Spectacle. Also, Epermenia chaerophyllella, Udea ferrugalis (4), Eudonia pallida, Silver Y (2), Frosted Orange (2) & Centre-barred Sallow (2).
Thu 8th September 2016 09:20 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 7 September
Warm and blowy.  1 Clifden Nonpareil was the highlight - big, blue and beautiful!  Also Hedge Rustic (very uncommon here) and Pale Mottled Willow were of interest.  48 species with very large number of Setaceous Hebrew Character (117) and Large Yellow Underwing (99) from two traps.  11 Angle Shades too.
Thu 8th September 2016 00:43 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 6 September
Just 30 species, inc: Rosy Rustic, Angle Shades, (19) Centre-barred Sallow, (17) Dusky Thorn.  Feathered Gothic and Frosted Orange - firsts for year.  Micros: C.lacunana, C.striana, N.noctuella, U.ferrugalis, E.postvittana
Wed 7th September 2016 13:51 by Mike Hetherington
Puncknowle 6.9.16 125W MV
145 individuals of 34 species.  Highlights included FFG Pinion-streaked Snout, FFY Convolvulus Hawk-moth, Centre-barred Sallow and Black Rustic. Also Udea ferrugalis (3), Nomophila noctuella (3), Silver Y (2) and White-point (assume resident) (3).
Wed 7th September 2016 12:01 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 6th Sept
71 species, with Centre-barred Sallow (3) and Lunar Underwing being new for year. Other highlights were Nephopterix angustella, Udea ferrugalis (5), Nomophila noctuella (2), Pale Eggar, Maiden's Blush, Flame Carpet, Silver Y, Frosted Orange, Hedge Rustic (2) & Feathered Gothic (2).
Wed 7th September 2016 11:18 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 6/9
Only real highlights here were a Late Elephant Hawk-moth and a 2nd gen Anania crocealis.
Tue 6th September 2016 23:04 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 5 September
Around 28 macro / 18 micro species, with: Ruby Tiger, Marbled Green, Silver Y, (very small) Lt Emerald, Cabbage Moth, Sm Dusty Wave, Vestal, ffy Lunar Underwing / micros included: B.terrella, E.pallida, A.variegana Caloptilia sp, P.purpuralis, E.forficalis, U.ferrugalis, N.noctuella, E.sarcitrella, H.pseudospretella, possible Y.horridella and ffy A.cristana (18 degsC / cloudy)
Tue 6th September 2016 22:37 by Paul Harris
Broadwey 5/9
After slim pickings lately the traps were packed this morning. Highlights were the migrants, Convolvulus Hawk-moth and 2 Palpita vitrealis. Convolvulus and vitrealis also trapped nearby at Preston. (R. Lambert)
Tue 6th September 2016 15:01 by Martin Raper
Beaminster 5th September MV 18c
Relatively large catch of 40 species including 145 LYU and 61 Setaceous. Delights for us were 2 Canary-shouldered Thorn, Peach Blossom, Frosted Orange, Centre-barred Sallow and 2 Light Emerald (i.e. the pretty ones).
Tue 6th September 2016 11:29 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 5th Sept
Over 1000 individuals of 101 species. Highlights and migrants were Bucculatrix maritima (NFG), Plutella xylostella, Agonopterix nervosa (2 - NFG), Galleria mellonella, Cryptoblabes bistriga (NFR), Nephopterix angustella (2 - NFG), Udea ferrugalis (17), Nomophila noctuella (3), Eudonia pallida (2), Pale Eggar (2 - NFG), Convolvulus Hawk-moth (NFG), Maiden's Blush, Mullein Wave, Chalk Carpet, Gem (3), Toadflax Pug (NFR), Cypress Pug, Pinion-streaked Snout, Dark Spectacle (2), Silver Y (15), Gold Spot, Small Mottled Willow, Frosted Orange, & Cosmopolitan (NFR).

Large numbers of Large Yellow Underwing again, with 263 individuals counted, compared to 55 the night before.

2208 Cosmopolitan 02 Copyright: Jack Oughton

Mon 5th September 2016 10:39 by Geoffrey Sell
5th September. Only 13 species of macros this morning, among them a Convolvulus Hawk and a Centre-barred Sallow. There were an unnecessary 31 Large Yellow Underwing, and a Palpita vitrealis.
Mon 5th September 2016 07:52 by Jack Oughton
Portesham 4th Sept
59 species, with new for me being Depressaria douglasella. Others of note and migrants were Plutella xylostella, Cochylis molliculana, Udea ferrugalis (13), Palpita vitrealis, Nomophila noctuella (4), Pinion-streaked Snout, Silver Y (3), Scarce Bordered Straw, Small Mottled Willow, Feathered Gothic & Ingrailed Clay.
Sat 3rd September 2016 20:04 by Lawrie de Whalley
Winterborne Stickland 2.9.16
Winterborne Stickland 2.9.16 8 deg C Convolvulus Hawk 1, Rusty Dot Pearl 2, Silver Y 4.
Sat 3rd September 2016 15:28 by Gillian Nash
Leigh 2 September
Just 26 species, including: Vine's Rustic, Lilac Beauty, Snout, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Chinese Character, Lt Emerald 2 ffy Centre-barred Sallow.  Micros: A.tristella, A.podana, C.splendana, N.noctuella, U.ferrugalis, A.sociella & 5 C.lacunana (11.2 degsC / cloudy)
Fri 2nd September 2016 08:50 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 1 September
A warmer night but numbers still very low at 34 species.
Fri 2nd September 2016 07:36 by Vince Giavarini urban garden
89 larger moths of 21 species. Treble-bar the best and some real colour diversity within Square-spot Rustic (17) from creamy-beige through to hot umber. Single Silver Y and only the one Rusty-dot today.
Thu 1st September 2016 16:58 by Vince Giavarini
Abbotsbury...TBk 1st September 2016
Toilet block behind the Chesil Beach this morning each of Snout, Flounced Rustic, Rusty-dot Pearl and Channel Islands Pug. Thanks to Paul Harris/Martin Cade.
Thu 1st September 2016 07:28 by Julian Francis
Tolpuddle 31 August
A clear and chilly night.  Only 28 species including 2 Vestal.